SURPRISE… ‘Consultation’ That Led To Potential Sweetheart Deal For SNC-Lavalin Was Ordered By Trudeau PMO

What a shock…

In a ‘shocking’ revelation that’s really no surprise at all, it turns out that the ‘consultations’ that led to the legislation that could give SNC-Lavalin a sweetheart deal to get out of a potential corruption conviction were ordered by the Trudeau PMO.

Here’s what the CP reported:

“The internal briefing note, released under the Access to Information Act, says the PMO directed Public Service and Procurement Canada to consult the public in 2017 on both the overall integrity regime and the possibility of introducing formal alternatives to prosecuting financial crimes.

Early last year, following the consultation, the government passed legislation to create what is known as a remediation agreement — a means of having a corporation accused of wrongdoing make amends without facing the potentially devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.

As a result of a second thread of the consultation, the government is also proposing to soften the penalty scheme for companies involved in wrongdoing by changing the process for determining how long an offending firm should be barred from getting federal contracts.”

What a ‘coincidence’!

It just randomly happened that ‘consultations’ led to exactly what the corporate elites would have wanted?


How do these random things keep happening with Trudeau in power?

What could be the reason?

Good thing we’ve got the most ‘open and transparent’ government so we can get to the bottom of it!

After all, it’s not like Justin Trudeau would silence a former Attorney General and impose pressure on the independence of the judiciary, right?

Spencer Fernando


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Is everything OK now? Isn’t this still very illegal? Or, is our Canada now truly a banana republic with the rich Quebec elites as our dictators, using happily our tax dollars and our debt to pay each other off, with this new social justice (laws that help the rich only) Meanwhile 100,000 + jobs across the rest of Canada being lost due to their laws against our natural resources and all the billions forcibly paid to Quebec.
Is anybody else worried – we are.

shawn harris

All of these so called consultations are just window dressing to cover Trudeau’s craven need for power, to massage his massive ego and validate his belief in dictatorships, to undermine the court’s power and destroy the public’s faith in both politics and our justice system. And to remain as PM, by way of rewarding corrupt elite and powerful corporations and businesses. What Canadians are seeing now, is the revealing of a dictator known as Justin Trudeau. The very same Trudeau who promised openness, transparency, accountability , equality and fairness. Who has now confirmed the suspicions of many Canadians that they… Read more »