VIDEO: Trudeau Must Testify On PMO Scandal Says Scheer

If Trudeau has nothing to hide, why wouldn’t he testify?

Justin Trudeau must testify on the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal says Andrew Scheer.

Scheer is demanding that the testimony from the PM take place under oath.

On Facebook, Scheer said “Justin Trudeau has been covering up his involvement in the SNC-Lavalin scandal. But I won’t let him get away with it. Canadians deserve answers and that’s why I’m demanding Justin Trudeau publicly testify under oath at the Justice Committee.”

Here’s a video of Scheer:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Diane DiFlorio

Justin is a liar and he knows it. Putting him under oath will certainly make him crack !

peter black

Completely agree. Trudeau said he would be transparent and accountable. That now appears to be a lie and he should pay the price for this and all the lies.


Jobs being affected is immaterial. If Lavalin didn’t exist those employees would be working for someone else. Allowing Lavalin or any other corporation to simply pay a fine to the Government is garbage. They would not suffer any loss, they would simply increase their future bids and recover any payout. If they can pay a fine and get away with criminal activity then that applies to all Canadians. Commit murder, drug dealing, tax evasion, illegal migration, drunk driving – simply pay the Liberals a little money, say you are sorry and walk away till next time. Trudeau has already shown… Read more »

shawn harris

It is always amazing that those who proclaim the loudest about their faith in the rule of law, are always the same ones who will do absolutely everything and anything to avoid appearing before an inquiry or being subpoenaed to appear to testify before a judge and jury in a courtroom. And, while Trudeau pretends to be supportive of our legal system, he is trying to tapdance his way out of going to court or taking honest responsibility for his deliberate criminal actions. He has lied from the start and will continue to lie until a judge forces to answer… Read more »