Scandal-Plagued Trudeau Cancels Trip To Regina

He’s staying in Ottawa as the crisis swirls.

Justin Trudeau, increasingly under siege as the government descends into chaos, has cancelled a planned trip to Regina.

He was supposed to go to a Canadian Tire store to talk about the hated carbon tax, as well as speak at a fundraiser.

According to the Canadian Press, a member of Trudeau’s staff has confirmed that he’ll be cancelling the trip and will be having ‘private’ meetings in Ottawa.

With his poll numbers collapsing, party loyalty fraying, resignations adding up, and Canadians outraged, Justin Trudeau’s collapsing administration is desperately fighting for survival, and his cancellation of the trip shows how bad things are going behind the scenes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

Trudeau the most disliked PM in history


He may be the most disliked but his father was the most disastrous.


Have not heard such good news in a long time

Moe S.

For those who didn’t watch Trudeau and Climate Barbie’s performance last night at the Toronto Danforth town hall, it was the equivalent of a church revival gathering. Climate Barbie at the pulpit literally yelling, “do you believe, do you believe” people in climate change? Yes, bow down and believe moments. Amen. She told the adoring crowd over protesting shouts from one pesky person, about the “moms who were so afraid for their children during last summers heat wave.” Her back-up performer Trudeau came to the pulpit proclaiming how Catherine “is such a rock star.” He yelled to the crowd about… Read more »


Moe this is awesome!

Moe S.

Thanks, Nancy. Unfortunately, the media managed to keep the worst clips of McKenna and Trudeau out of circulation. Youtube only shows brief clips of the best parts (not that there were any) of Trudeau. There’s appears to be nothing online about McKenna’s stupid climate change speech she gave at the Toronto Danforth music hall? The censorship folks are already hard at work.

shawn harris

Who would have thought that Justin Trudeau would be the iceberg to sink the not so good ship Liberal. If Trudeau keeps going at this pace of self destructing, he could be the unstoppable winner for twit of the year contest. Just look what happens when Trudeau no longer has Gerry Butts to guide him by the hand and whisper simple thoughts in his head, so he knows what to say and do next. Now maybe Canada will have a far better government come this fall when the Liberals are sent packing and returned to third party status.


I wonder who the next “Post Turtle” will be? Surely the globalists are looking for Turdo’s replacement as you read this….


trudope tries to shove carbon bs down our throats.Grow up little socialist and stop living like your some king.Stop stealing tax payer money and giving it to undesirables regimes and illegals.To quench my thirst seeing you and the rest of your evil doers be banned from this country and made to pay back every single cent that was taken from honest law abiding citizens,something you no nothing about.