REPORT: People Are Saying Trudeau’s Canadian Tire Event In Regina Was Cancelled Due To His Massive Unpopularity

“Outpouring of calls detesting the support of PM.”

Earlier, I reported about Justin Trudeau cancelling his trip to Regina.

He was scheduled to visit a Canadian Tire to promote the carbon tax, which – like Trudeau – is massively unpopular, particularly in Saskatchewan.

However, it now turns out that things may have been even worse for Trudeau than it first appeared.

Many people are now saying that Trudeau didn’t initiate the cancellation of the event.

According to some reports, it was cancelled by the local Canadian Tire itself:

“The store owner at Gordon Road has now assured everyone that the decision to give Trudeau a stage in Regina was done at corporate @canadiantire The event has been cancelled according to Regina store manager do to outpouring of calls detesting the support of PM”

Canadian Tire store visit has been cancelled. Some angry calls.”

“#Trudeau cancels #Regina event today, after #Sask people who despise #carbonTAX voice their anger to host location Canadian Tire.
As I told you: #SaskHatesCarbonTax! #skpoli”

Canadian Tire has denied those reports. However, considering the power of the federal government, it wouldn’t be surprising for a big corporation to try and spin things to make it look not as bad for the PM:

“Canadian Tire media relations says the following about the cancelled event with the Prime Minister this afternoon “We understand the Prime Minister changed his schedule and is no longer visiting Regina. Please direct any questions related to the event to his office.”

“Further to this, I asked if tweets about Canadian Tire cancelling due to complaints about the PM were accurate, and was told this “That is untrue. The Prime Minister changed his schedule and is no longer visiting Regina.”

If that’s why it was actually cancelled, it’s even more devastating news for Trudeau, showing his deepening unpopularity throughout the nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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More wonderful news


he deserves every thing he gets hes hijacked Canada long enough about time this guy used his brain and resigned or called a election !!


Why doesn’t this Idiot Trudeau just resign?? He is Detested and Hated by the Majority of Canadians!


Trudeau showing up at a Canadian Tire would be enough to keep any shopper away from the place at least until he was gone from it and maybe longer.

Diane DiFlorio

What next ~ Pet Smart?

Gonzo the Magnificent

And I was having so much fun trading today! This just adds to the fun!!!


PM Trudeau will get on TV and apologize several times, cry crocodile tears and Liberal voters will come flooding back. What they will forget, is that Trudeau has shown all Canadians there is one law for corporations and the rich and a different law for the rest of us. After Trudeau’s numbers rise, it will be business as usual, but next time, he’ll be sure any wrong-doing doesn’t come to light.

I don’t trust him, or most politicians, at all. They only think of themselves and their agenda. Canadians are the last thing on their minds.


This is hilarious. Is he actually delusional enough to think his carbon tax is popular, particularly in western Canada?


The tweet saying the store cancelled the event was on the 4th. the PMO cancelled on the 5th.

It’s pretty clear what happened.


I have a truck full of rotten vegetables I could have sold at the entrance to the Gordon Road parking lot…

Where is King Ralph’s next attempt at fund raising?

The movie Dodgeball comes to mind… Canadian Tire sells tools…
“If you can dodge a wrench, you can have a carbon tax…”

Garfield Grumpinstein

It’s not a matter of “deepening unpopularity” in Regina SK. He has never been popular in SK, the same as his father or any other Liberal. How that clown Goodale keeps getting elected is beyond reason. An exception to every rule.