ENTITLEMENT: By Saying SNC-Laval Is “Entitled” To Escape From Criminal Trial, Liberal MP Steve MacKinnon Exposed What The Trudeau Government Really Thinks

He tried walking the comments back, but it’s far too late.

It’s obvious to everyone – except for paid Trudeau government PR hacks – that Jody Wilson-Raybould was removed from the Attorney General post because she refused to do the bidding of SNC-Lavalin.

And while the government is now trying to claim otherwise, Liberal MP Steve MacKinnon gave the whole game away in a recent appearance on CBC Power & Politics.

On the program, MacKinnon said that SNC-Lavalin was “entitled” to a deferred prosecution, which would let them avoid a criminal trial.


The Liberals sure seem to love that word.

And it sums up their attitude perfectly.

SNC-Lavalin is a Liberal-connected company. They’ve donated heavily to the Liberals. They’re part of the ‘elite.’

So of course the Liberals think they’re entitled. The laws can get changed for them, regardless of how shady the process is – at least that’s how the Liberals see it.

And while he walked the comments back, saying “It appears to me that they are a candidate for one but that’s a decision of course for the attorney general,” that’s just the usual political damage control that happens when someone accidently says what they really think out loud.

MacKinnon has exposed once again the real attitude of the Trudeau Liberals: The laws and rules only apply to regular Canadians, while Liberal-connected groups get a free-ride and get the laws changed when needed.

Totally corrupt.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Norbert Kausen

He should not just have been tossed, he should have been arrested and charged with aggravated assault!

William Goddu

Treason has been allowed to run amuck within our representative political system of governance. The time has long passed that WE the people need to gather our numbers to create a radical change to govern ourselves as a whole. Direct Democracy is that radical change where we, who care, can collectively do our part to lead ourselves in the collective direction that is best for Canada and it’s people’s.


Most of Canada’s law abiding citizens knew what trudope was long before he stole the election.My family told me of the horrible socialist ideals of trudope 1.He was another deceitful lying libtard that only lowered Canada’s standing on the world stage.Both left coasts are full of socialist as I learned on my trip not long ago ago.My experience was all of them were looking for someone to guide them.Since when did a libtard ever take responsibility for any wrongdoing.Not in my lifetime.Our only hope now is that all the evil corruption purposely imposed on all of us get rectified real… Read more »


Sometimes I wonder if Canada has become a banana republic. Trudope for sure is trying hard to transform Canada into a 3rd world country.


Canadians are all giving country they knew that and played us for all we were worth. Some have seen the truth before the Election others have cleared the fairy dust and see clearly but there are still others believing the bought off media and our corrupt leaders. This must change for our upcoming Election. We all have to work to get our end result before it’s Too Late.