Justin Trudeau Is Still Blocking Jody Wilson-Raybould From Speaking Freely

What is he afraid of?

Justin Trudeau probably thought his press conference last week would bring an end to the PMO scandal.

It didn’t.

In fact, the scandal continues to expand, with the OECD now saying that their bribery working group is looking into the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

The testimony of Gerald Butts and Michael Wernick (both not under oath), also failed to end the scandal.

And it brought up something that can’t be ignored:

Trudeau is still stopping Jody Wilson-Raybould from speaking freely.

The privilege Trudeau waived was only partial, and Jody Wilson-Raybould still can’t fully speak about what happened after she left the Attorney General role.

She has said that she wants to testify again, and wants her privilege raised fully.

After all, Michael Wernick got a second chance to testify, so why doesn’t Jody Wilson-Raybould deserve the same thing?

Trudeau is clearly afraid of the truth.

If he wasn’t, then he would let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak freely.

His refusal to do so shows that the corrupt cover-up continues.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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