POLL: Only 13% Of Canadians Believe Trudeau’s Story On PMO Scandal

Devastating numbers for the PM.

There are more devastating poll numbers for Justin Trudeau.

A Campaign Research poll shows just 13% believe Trudeau’s story on the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Meanwhile, 49% say they believe Jody Wilson-Raybould, 16% believe neither of them, and 22% say they aren’t sure who to believe.

Those are horrendous numbers for the PM, as it shows the total breakdown in trust between him and the Canadian People.

Other numbers in the poll are bad for Trudeau as well.

When asked whether Trudeau should resign now, after the election, or not resign, 30% want him gone now, 16% want it to happen after the election, and 37% don’t want him to resign.

For a PM to have less than half the country saying he shouldn’t resign is stunning.

Additionally, when asked who should lead the Liberal Party, 22% of Canadians pick Trudeau, 17% pick Wilson-Raybould, and 13% pick Chrystia Freeland. And Trudeau is far from having the unanimous support of his own party, with just 65% of Liberals picking him as their best leader – very low numbers for an incumbent PM and party leader.

This poll shows that the PMO SNC-Lavalin scandal continues to damage Trudeau’s popularity, and the Canadian People are turning against his ‘leadership.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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