Theresa May Loses Brexit Vote By Immense Margin

Looks like it’ll have to be a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

The UK Parliament continues to be unable to pass any Brexit deal, rejecting the latest deal presented by PM Theresa May.

Just 242 MPs voted in favour of the deal, while 391 rejected it.

There will then be a vote on whether a ‘no deal’ Brexit takes place. However, even if UK politicians vote to reject the prospect of leaving the European Union without a deal, that still raises the question of whether they can pass anything, and whether the EU would be willing to grant another extension.

May’s defeat on the Brexit vote isn’t the worst she has suffered, as her deal was rejected by an even larger margin in the previous vote. Still, losing by 149 votes is still a crushing defeat.

There were large-scale defections from the Conservatives, 75 of whom voted against May’s deal.

May faces the problem of being squeezed from both sides, as she lost votes from both those who oppose Brexit, and those who oppose her concessions to the EU in the deal.

The EU now says they are preparing for a ‘no deal’ Brexit, and it looks like that’s how it’s going to have to turn out.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Britain needs to just leave the E.U. If any country wants out, it should never be this hard to get out. No country should be punished for leaving the E.U.

Norbert Kausen

What Theresa May and the EU just do NOT get is that Brits had already spoken and they voted to EXIT the EU, hence BREXIT!!!!! They had better accept the vote in its entirety!!! There is NO ambiguity over how the majority of Brits voted!!!


I would have been surprised if she did. There is more behind this yet to be exposed. The people voted to leave the UN created EU, without bankrupting themselves, to be once again what they were. But hey that is only a small detail in the new version of democracy. Gee you would think that trudeau was in charge of this.