POLL: Trudeau’s Approval Rating Collapses, Disapproval Surges

Canadians continue to turn against the PM.

Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has collapsed, as his disapproval rating surges.

A new poll by Campaign Research shows just 29% of Canadians approving of the PM, a drop of 6 points from February, which was itself a drop of 4 points from December.

And the number of Canadians disapproving of Trudeau has surged, with 58% now disapproving of him. In February, 53% disapproved, and in December, 48% disapproved.

Taken in total, Trudeau’s approval rating has fallen from 39% to 29% since December, and his disapproval rating has risen from 48% to 58%.

That net 20 point swing is devastating for Trudeau, and shows that the scandal is permeating into national consciousness and changing how Canadians view the PM.

As I and many people have said, the real Justin Trudeau is being exposed, and people don’t like what they see.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


Justin Trudeau is trying to buy the establishment media with a $600 million bribe.
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I wonder what the rat’s approval numbers would be without the leftist media.

Ralph Knapp

The better news is, I believe Trudeau cannot stop screwing up. I don’t believe he can even manage a 2 degree turn around never mind the 180 degree swing he needs to even hope he can achieve a minority government come election day.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Not that any political party is the answer to all the ills of a nation but IF the Conservatives can benefit from this – which has yet to be proven – then MAY BE we can stop the major economic decline of the nation and that’s where it begins and ends. The cultural and social wrought is another matter and is a spiritual issue which will never be solved by politics. Canada needs to go back to it’s original roots of Christianity. Other than this, don’t expect any real change at least culturally and socially and even economically. We need… Read more »

chad lewis

didn’t only 29% vote for him anyway?


no he got 39% support nationally but even that give him large majority.


Good news! Canadians have finally taken off their blinders. Looking forward to lower numbers after April 1st budget with the new carbon tax, and soon the discussions on Admiral Nelson’s case. His numbers should go down again. I just did my tax return. Trudeau has eliminated the tax credit for public transit. Bad news for all hard working tax paying commuters. Would love to hear trudeau’s version on how this could possibly be an incentive for the people to change their ways. Or by collecting this extra commuter tax it will help his budget to balance itself.

shawn harris

Trudeau has worked hard to earn these polling numbers. His total reliance upon his narcissism,arrogance, conceit, deceit and deceitful virtuousness, has brought him to the point of being rejected and replaced. He has no one to blame but himself, but he won’t accept what the public perceives or thinks. He will deflect, blame Harper and others and rationalise his words, actions and thoughts to justify himself. Canadians have seen more than enough of his fraudulent words, thoughts, actions , justifications and deceit to now want to see him gone. Canadians also realise that they have been conned for these last… Read more »


Trudeau has been promoted beyond his ability. The man has never supervised anyone, not even a shift at your local coffee shop never mind being the Prime Minster of the biggest most complicated corporation in Canada.

Allen Burrell

Most certainly, those that didn’t know in the beginning, do now. Even the so-called “silent majority” are not so silent anymore. Perhaps Canadians are finally beginning to sit-up and take notice of what is going on.


Trudeau was a smooth talking snake oil salesman from the start and too many people are politically ignorant and vote for “nice hair” not brains.