POLL: Trudeau’s Approval Rating Collapses, Disapproval Surges

Canadians continue to turn against the PM.

Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has collapsed, as his disapproval rating surges.

A new poll by Campaign Research shows just 29% of Canadians approving of the PM, a drop of 6 points from February, which was itself a drop of 4 points from December.

And the number of Canadians disapproving of Trudeau has surged, with 58% now disapproving of him. In February, 53% disapproved, and in December, 48% disapproved.

Taken in total, Trudeau’s approval rating has fallen from 39% to 29% since December, and his disapproval rating has risen from 48% to 58%.

That net 20 point swing is devastating for Trudeau, and shows that the scandal is permeating into national consciousness and changing how Canadians view the PM.

As I and many people have said, the real Justin Trudeau is being exposed, and people don’t like what they see.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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