TRUDEAU LIES: Even The SNC-Lavalin CEO Isn’t Repeating Trudeau’s “9,000 Jobs” Excuse

Another Trudeau talking point discredited.

Justin Trudeau and his cronies have repeatedly tried to say that SNC-Lavalin should be considered for a Deferred Prosecution Agreement because “9,000 jobs” are at stake.

Many have questioned that figure, and when a Trudeau cabinet member was asked what evidence she had for that number, she could give any evidence whatsoever.

And now, it turns out that even SNC-Lavalin’s CEO isn’t using the “9,000 jobs” claim.

Here’s what the CP reported:

“In an interview with The Canadian Press, Neil Bruce says the Montreal-based company, unlike the Trudeau government, has never cited the protection of 9,000 Canadian jobs as a reason it should be granted a remediation agreement to avoid a criminal trial. However, he says there’s a public interest for such an agreement because its well-qualified employees will be forced to work for U.S. or European competitors if it is barred from bidding on federal contracts for a decade.”

So, yet another Trudeau talking point has been totally discredited.

He’s been spreading more lies, using claims about jobs that even the company he claims to be ‘defending’ isn’t using.

Once again, this is why nothing Justin Trudeau says can ever be believed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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