Judge Rules Omar Khadr’s War Crimes Sentence Has Expired

An eight year sentence came into effect in 2010.

A judge in Edmonton – Justice Mary Moreau – says Omar Khadr’s war crimes sentence has expired.

The sentence would have expired in October of 2018, but it had been extended since Khadr was released from custody in 2015.

However, Justice Moreau ruled that his bail conditions are part of his sentence, and that with that time included his sentence is now finished.

Khadr has been quite active recently, including apparently buying a mall with some of the $10.5 million taxpayer dollars the Trudeau government disgracefully gave him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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What’s next? Order of Canada for despicable war criminals, terrorists and murderers?

Major Tom

Why is it that the term of these unelected, unaccountable judges never seems to expire?

Don Taylor

Khadr should return every cent to the Canadian people !


Our $10 million is probably invested in the progression of anti western activities. Look at his eyes…

Phil Alexander

Just a coincidence that the angry groper appointed her to the position two years ago. The P.M has virtually unlimited powers, and limits are needed for when we elect an empty headed narcissist who is never wrong to lead us. His trail of mistakes, favoritism, reverse racism, double dealing etc. of a corrupt party are hurting all of us including his gullible followers.