CORRUPT: Trudeau Liberals Block Ethics Committee Investigation Of PMO Scandal

The government is terrified, and clearly have something to hide.

The Trudeau Liberals have used their majority on the Ethics Committee to BLOCK an investigation into the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

Here’s what the Opposition parties had been asking for:

“a. Immediately begin a study of the ongoing corruption scandal involving the Prime Minister,
b. Instruct the Chair to write to the Prime Minister requesting that he waive all constraints that may prevent individuals invited to appear before the Committee from speaking freely,
c. Invite Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould to appear as a witness in this study no later than April 5,
d. Invite Ms. Jane Philpott to appear as a witness in this study no later than April 5, and
e. That upon conclusion of this study, a report of the findings of this committee be tabled in Parliament.”

The Liberals voted against it, meaning the committee can’t even look into the issue at all.

And this comes after the Liberals shut down the Justice Committee investigation into the scandal.

What this means is that we are now in a fully anti-democratic, corrupt cover-up at the highest levels of government. The Liberals are using every avenue of government power to block an investigation into the scandal, meaning that Canadians are being denied the answers we deserve.

Clearly, the Trudeau Liberals are terrified of the truth, and have something big that they’re hiding.

This government has become nothing but total and endless corruption, and it must be decisively defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

Trudeau and the Liberal party are by far the most corrupt party in Canadian History, We must vote this corrupt PM out before he ruins our country

Davie MacKAY

When a Government shuts down established legal procedure for public inquiry into reasonable and probable evidence of malfeasance. Then the Public needs to realize they are challenging a Dictatorship.

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

Freedom, justice and truth has come to an end in Canada because of Trudeau!! he is such a corrupt communist – he has to go — NOW!!!!!

Eleanor Merkus

Yesterday already!!!


Thank you Mr Fernando for all of your efforts.


And the CBC says that now that there is a finish to the SNC Lavalin scandal it is just like the Trump Scandal in the USA, nothing to find. The BC Tyee another LIEberal scam rag has just printed a long list, a lieberal slanted list of how corrupt supposedly the R. H. Mr. Harper and Conservatives were when they were in office, it is really lies as I remember why Mr.Harper had to do these things, like when he ordered the CRA to Look into those foreign moneyed ECO ? charities that were rigging the election for the Lieberals… Read more »

alan skelhorne

nothing can or will be done against a dictator-traitor. end of story.

shawn harris

Trudeau, with each and every decision to shut down committees, block witnesses, issuing new versions of what was said, denials, and changes of timelines and events, he is only strengthening the public’s belief that he is guilty, plain and simple. Trudeau by trying to be evasive and clever is only trapping himself and causing the public to firmly suspect that he and his government have something very big and illegal to hide. Trudeau, if he is hoping the public will tire of this scandal and become confused and misdirected by his constant evasions and deflections of guilt to those telling… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Just move along people, nothing to see here, go home and tune in to your pro sports soap opera.