Communist China Cannot Be Trusted. That’s Why Canada Must Shift Our Trade To Other Nations

We also need to strengthen trade between the provinces.

China continues to attack Canada’s Canola sector, in what is an obviously transparent move based on the Meng Wanzhou detainment.

The latest attack from China has been cancelling Glencore’s canola export permit.

And this is why Canada must start to decouple ourselves economically from China, and shift towards other countries, along with strengthening inter-provincial trade.

Trade with China is still a small part of our overall global trade, so we can decouple from them without doing significant economic damage.

It could also be done slowly, by ramping up tariffs on products from China, while seeking trade deals with nations that are more aligned with our values, such as India, where a young population, large democracy, and strong long-term growth prospects creates tremendous opportunity.

The simple reality is that China’s Communist state cannot be trusted. Trading with them is not like trading with other nations. Trading with China increasingly requires Canada to give up on our values, and sacrifice what our country is supposed to stand for.

That is a price we cannot pay.

Additionally, it is absurd that those in power keep pushing for us to trade more with Communist China, while we don’t even have free trade within Canadian provinces. There are still insane restrictions when it comes to inter-provincial trade.

That’s what we should be focused on fixing, instead of trying to trade with a Communist State we can never trust.

Spencer Fernando

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Dealing with China is a dangerous move. China will negitiate trade deals securing ones independence on them for ones economic survival. Once they have secured your dependance they are then in control and will manipulate, threaten and close trade deals there by putting economic strain on as in our case Canada. Can never place ones eggs in one basket as they say. Time to seek markets with non communist partners. We have not seen the last of China the trojan horse in there quest to control our country.


Canada should focus on making Canada self sufficient, in every way we can but especially feeding ourselves and extra for trade for things we cannot produce here, tropical fruits and vegetables etc., a country that cannot even produce enough healthy foods to feed itself is scary, so why are we bringing in prepackaged refined unhealthy very often, food from China and the rest of the world, never mind all the jobs lost to other countries. Trade is best for big one world conglomerate companies and they do not care about individual countries or the “common” peoples health. Canada has lots… Read more »

Don Piche

Spencer: I’ve been asking myself the same thing (why don’t we fix the interprovincial trade barriers inside Canada) ever since Brian Mulroney signed the FTA… It just goes to show you the quality of our Political “Leaders” and why our Nation still hasn’t been developed properly even though we have everything we need here.

Moe S.

Trudeau just recently stated his government will always stand up for Canadian jobs. He has said nothing to date about the 45,000 farm job loss Manitoba & Saskatchewan stand to lose due to China’s boycott of Canadian canola. Obviously, Quebec doesn’t grow canola oil or there would be 24/7 Trudeau media coverage about Quebec job losses.

Major Tom

Who in their right mind would trust a Communist? I know! Another Communist! Maybe!

Norbert Kausen

That is something EVERY soldier, EVERY intelligence operator and analyst are fully aware of! Too many civilians have NO idea what China is all about!!!

Ken (Kulak)

Is that why he is selling Canada’s farmers down the river? Mind you, farmers not moving and selling grain means fewer CO2 emissions.

David Henley

Australia had warned Canada several years ago not to deal with China.what does Trudeau do go make deals with China. His entire liberal party and the NDP have sold Canada out. The liberal party of Ontario also made deals with China after being warned by our Canadian intelligent agency that they where dealing with the Chinese mafia. this was when the wind mills came in and they where selling this idea. Poorly installed and high cost to maintain where hidden. the liberal and NDP governments where ever they have been elected systematically destroy that part of the country. Federal liberals… Read more »