Jody Wilson-Raybould Says She Will Not Resign

If Trudeau and his cronies want her gone, they’ll have to do it themselves and pay the massive political price.

Jody Wilson-Raybould isn’t giving in to the clear increase in pressure from Justin Trudeau’s pathetic cronies.

With Liberal MPs being sent out to talk to the media and spew talking points about how they ‘don’t feel safe’ with her in the Liberal Caucus, and attacking her from recording her conversation with Michael Wernick (rather than criticizing the obvious pressure and political interference in the conversation), it is undeniable that they’re trying to force her to leave.

But she isn’t leaving:

This is a strong move on her part.

She’s going to force Trudeau and his cronies to show their cards in public, and if they want her out, they’ll have to force her out.

That will put Liberal MPs on the record as kicking out a principled colleague who was following the law. And by doing so, they’ll be putting themselves on the side of corruption, deception, and a PM who is a disgrace to our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot