In Total Rebuke Of McKenna’s Fear-Mongering, The Facts Show That Climate-Related Deaths Have Fallen 96%

Stunning numbers.

According to stunning new numbers shared by Human Progress, it turns out the number of climate-related deaths has fallen a whopping 96% in the past 100% years.

In 1920, there were about 500,000 climate-related deaths.

Now, there are 20,000.

As you can see in the chart below, the trend of climate-related deaths continues to fall:

“Over the last hundred years, deaths from climate-related events fell from 500,000 to 20,000 per year despite a 300 percent increase in world population.”

This is a clear, fact-based rebuke to the fear-mongering being pushed by Catherine McKenna and Justin Trudeau.

And it reveals once again what we’ve known all along. The carbon tax is a total scam designed to steal our money.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Diane DiFlorio

One would have to believe that McKenna is banned from Internet searches or personal research, because that’s all it takes to prove that Climate Change and the science surrounding this hoax is a total fraud. THAT OR…. she is complacent in this deception OR both… you decide.


Why do we never hear about all the scientists who disclaim global warming? There are supposed to be many. Are they all silenced?


To be fair women and children aren’t as tall as men and therefore far more vulnerable to rising water levels and polar bear farts.


I like how the media came out with the Fear Mongering “Canada is warming up twice as fast as any other country in the world”. I guess the media has to pander to the Liberals. After all, our Traitor PM gave the Media 600 million dollars to ensure that they will lie and make Trudeau look good. Canadians are NOT Stupid and can see how his Moron is destroying our Once Wonderful Country! I know that Canada is not warming up faster than any other country in the world. Canada is just getting through one of the Longest, Coldest Winters… Read more »

peter black

A scam all the way

shawn harris

The only real thing that has died, is the ability of both Trudeau and McKenna to actually do real critical thinking and real research, other than play the fear game of the world is ending and we must all surrender everything to neo marxist socialists like Trudeau and McKenna. After all, how can a person’s death be proven to have been caused solely by climate change and by no other means than that?. Because at that rate of 20,000 deaths per year, you would be reading or hearing about it on a regular basis, in the news. By that rate… Read more »