HYPOCRISY: Photos Destroy Trudeau’s ‘Guilt-By-Association’ Attack On Scheer

By holding Justin Trudeau to his own standards, he has much to answer for.

During the United We Roll pro-pipeline pro-energy industry rally, Andrew Scheer addressed the crowd of Patriotic Canadians and spoke in support of the energy industry.

At a completely different time during the event, and in a different location, Faith Goldy also spoke.

By no reasonable definition did they ‘share a platform,’ and every fair-minded person knows that.

But, the desperate and pathetic Trudeau Liberals, in their attempt to make up lies and slander Scheer, have repeatedly claimed he ‘shared a platform’ with Goldy at the event, and used that in an attempt to attack him.

So, let’s play that game.

Let’s hold Justin Trudeau to his own standards and see what happens…


As was brought to attention by Warren Kinsella, it looks like Justin Trudeau shared a platform with Faith Goldy!


Looks like Justin Trudeau shared a platform with Ezra Levant!


Looks like Trudeau shared a platform with Jian Ghomeshi!

Is all of this taken out of context?

Yes, of course it is.

Is it total BS to claim Trudeau shared a platform with the individuals mentioned above?


(NOTE, I’m not making an attack on the individuals included in the above Tweets, or implying any sort of similarity between them, this is simply playing the game by Trudeau’s rules.)

Of course, this is all BS.

But that’s what happens when context is removed, and removing context is the game Trudeau is trying to play.

So, by holding Justin Trudeau to his own rules, he has much to answer for. And if simply being at the same event as another person or being in a photo with them is enough to be ‘guilty by association,’ then Justin Trudeau is far more ‘guilty’ than Andrew Scheer.

This only reveals the totally pathetic depths Trudeau has been reduced to. With his government facing numerous corruption probes, with his reputation in tatters, with Canadians turning against him, and with his record in government being nothing but failure, out of context attacks and fear-mongering is all Trudeau has left.

And even that can be turned against him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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