BRUTAL: Former National Director Of Liberal Party (Who Was Found Guilty Of Violating Lobbying Law) Says Trudeau Should Kill TransMountain Pipeline Expansion To Win Election, Claims Racism ‘More Mainstream’ In Alberta

The entrenched elitist class has nothing but contempt for real Canadians.

In yet another example of the total contempt the entrenched Liberal elites have for the Canadian People, the former National Director of the Liberal Party is calling on Justin Trudeau to kill the TransMountain Pipeline expansion in order to win the next election.

Jamie Carroll made that call in a recent article for National Newswatch, an article that is stunning in terms of how insulting, condescending, and out of touch it is.

Here are some excerpts:

“Many Albertans seem to remain impervious to the steady march of time. Many cling to a cowboy culture that can feel like an artificial import. Some openly espouse views that are understood to be racist, misogynist or homophobic outside, which is true anywhere but, as this election showed repeatedly, it seems a little more mainstream here.

But most importantly, a majority clearly believe the dead dinosaurs (i.e., oil and gas) under their province are theirs by divine right. As a result they therefore deeply resent any interference by that far away place only ever mentioned with a derisive eye roll: Ottawa.”

Carroll also completely ignores the fact that the votes of Albertans should actually mean something:

“It was absolutely clear from both Trudeau and Notley that Alberta’s carbon tax was the quid pro quo for Trudeau’s commitment to a new or expanded pipeline. While lots of pundits (including Bricker) suggest that this so-called “grand bargain” is a millstone around Trudeau’s neck, it seems to me that it is in fact the solution to one of his biggest problems.

Why wouldn’t Trudeau proudly stand in Vancouver and tell British Columbians when Kenney axes the carbon tax that Alberta has broken its word and therefore he is not keeping his. Conveniently, Kenney has already said the deal is off during media rounds (here, for example).

So how should Trudeau respond? Don’t sell the pipeline (it was an expensive purchase and it currently turns a profit) but refuse to expand it until Alberta comes in line on climate change. Then go to Montreal and say the same thing about Energy East: it stays dead unless Alberta joins the global consensus on climate change.”

The fact that Albertans decisively rejected the carbon tax apparently means nothing to Carroll, but then again, the elites don’t care about democracy when the votes don’t go their way.

And Carroll leaves no doubt that he’s pushing for Trudeau to kill the pipeline expansion:

“So, while this is far from the “sunny ways” approach Trudeau followed in 2015, were I providing the PM with advice, this is what I would be suggesting without hesitation.”

Carroll’s article sums up the elitist mindset perfectly: Guy lives in Alberta for a year, thinks he has a ‘feel for it,’ implies that Albertans are more racist, then calls for Albertans to be punished economically for their decision in a democratic election, as he somehow claims to support the oil industry while his comments about it drip with contempt.

Also of note is the fact that Carroll was previously found guilty of violating the federal lobbying law. Somehow he still feels qualified to tell other people what to do.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Trudeau follows this advice, as he’s shown a total willingness to tear Canada apart in a desperate bid to hold onto power.

Once again, we see that the elites have nothing but contempt for real Canadians, and think the future of our nation is just a game played for their amusement.

Spencer Fernando

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