CASH FOR ACCESS: U.S. Cannabis Company CEO Attended $1600 Per Ticket Trudeau Fundraiser

Another ethical problem for the Trudeau Liberals.

Following a Globe & Mail report that Ian Jenkins – the CEO of a U.S. cannabis company – somehow got a ticket to a $1600 per person Trudeau fundraiser – the party has refunded the ticket price.

However, people are still asking how Jenkins got there in the first place.

Only Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents are legally allowed to buy tickets to events like that. And while Jenkins apparently got the ticket gifted to him by a donor, that donor also apparently attended. That would mean someone spent $3200 at the event, which violates the $1600 per person donation limit.

As the Globe & Mail report described it, “The chief executive officer of a U.S. company that sells cannabis technology attended a Liberal fundraiser featuring Justin Trudeau earlier this month in Toronto and later said in a news release that the Prime Minister encouraged him to make Canada a testing ground for using artificial intelligence to tailor medical marijuana products.”

Senator Denise Batters raised important questions on Twitter:

“More Liberal #CashForAccess: And, rules broken before they got in the door! U.S. #Cannabis tech CEO “received a $1600 ticket from a Liberal donor to accompany him to an April 5 party fundraiser with Mr. Trudeau.” But, donation limit = $1600/person. How did Lib donor pay $3200?”


This is clearly a case of cash-for-access, and that makes this yet another broken Trudeau promise.

The Trudeau Liberals promised to end cash-for-access, and repeatedly said they brought an end to the process. Now, we know that wasn’t the case.

Cash-for-access continues, and even non-Canadians are getting in on the act.

Under the Trudeau Liberals, the nations’ capital has become a cesspool of corruption.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well not for long, this October should be the last we see of this idiot

Beverley Campbell

Well good grief, if anyone is still participating with Access for Cash, or as they say, Cash for Access, it is that gang of liars and thieves currently running wild in Ottawa.

Ruth Bard

The federal Liberal party is rife with corruption and always has been, especially in Quebec, where corruption is the norm and bribery is simply the cost of doing business. Beats me why ppl keep voting for these mafiosos, unless they’re hoping for a piece of the pie.


Whether it’s “cash for access” (Turdo/Mulroney/Chretien, et al.) up front or after the fact (Gordon Campbell, senators, ambassadors, government contractors) it amounts to the same thing. Corruption.

I’m also concerned that Turdo’s infatuation with AI and cannabis could lead to GMO lines containing properties that are decidedly unhealthy, but in the interests of Agenda 21 and other UN initiatives that Turdo seems to endorse so draconianly.

Brian Dougan

“…make Canada a testing ground for using artificial intelligence to tailor medical marijuana products.” Artificial intelligence? Tailor? Testing ground? Did these words actually pass Turdo’s lips? That would be on par with this imbecile’s vacuous “rethink concepts as basic as time and space” comment.