Liberal Corruption Scandal Deepens After Revelations Of Illegal Donations From SNC-Lavalin

How deep does the rabbit-hole go?

The Trudeau Liberals are facing a worsening corruption scandal, as more shady information about their relationship with SNC-Lavalin has been revealed.

In a bombshell report, a document was leaked to CBC, revealing the names of 18 SNC-Lavalin employees & people connected to the company who illegally donated to the Federal Liberals.

Additionally, 6 individuals donated to the Conservatives.

However, there is an important contrast here, for two reasons.

First, the Conservatives immediately shared the names of the donors when asked by the media. The Liberals repeatedly refused to do so.

Secondly, the Liberals were made aware of these facts back in 2016, and refused to share that info with the Canadian People.

The documents can be viewed below:

The issue here is not the donations to the parties themselves, but the fact that SNC-Lavalin refunded the individuals who made the donations – something corporations are not allowed to do under the law.

The report also indicates that an illegal donation scheme may have been undertaken provincially in Quebec.

Here’s a key excerpt:

“But two non-executive SNC-Lavalin employees who agreed to speak with The Fifth Estate/Enquête about the scheme said they were definitely told their political donations would be reimbursed in the form of bonuses from SNC-Lavalin.

One of those was Jean Lefebvre, who worked for the firm as an engineer. Contacted at his home in Saint-Bruno, Que., Lefebvre said he was specifically asked to donate to the Liberal Party.

“We were given a bonus that was double the amount donated,” he said.

He explained that the size of the bonus was intended to compensate him for the taxes he would have to pay on the bonus.

Lefebvre said he understood that the president of the company at the time, Jacques Lamarre, initiated the scheme and that the legal department at SNC-Lavalin had signed off.”

Double standard

As I’ve said, there is a double standard in Canada. There’s one standard for the Liberal-connected corrupt elites, and another standard for the rest of us.

With so many people allegedly implicated as part of a systematic illegal donation scheme, only one person from SNC-Lavalin was charged, and faced only a $2,000 fine.

SNC-Lavalin was allowed to sign a ‘compliance agreement,’ where they promised not to break the law in return for no charges being filed against the company.

Meanwhile, Dean Del Mastro, a former Conservative MP who was charged with illegally overspending during a campaign, went to jail.

Why did Del Mastro go to jail while the SNC-Lavalin schemers escaped consequences?

Because Del Mastro isn’t part of the Liberal Laurentian Elites. Like the rest of us, Del Mastro – despite having been elected as an MP – wasn’t part of the real power structure that controls Canada. So, when he got in trouble, the full force of the system was brought against him. When SNC-Lavalin cronies got in trouble, the system was deployed to protect them.

It’s another sign that the Liberals have corrupted our nation to an extent nobody thought possible, and if they give SNC-Lavalin a Deferred Prosecution Agreement then it will confirm that the elites think they can get away with anything.

You can read the full report here (I don’t usually recommend CBC stories, but since we’re all forced to pay for it, we may as well use it in the rare instance it holds the government accountable).

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube