Trudeau’s Net Approval Rating Is Now -39%

Over two thirds of Canadians disapprove of the PM.

Justin Trudeau’s poll numbers continue to worsen, with his net approval rating falling dramatically.

His net approval is now -39%, according to a new Angus Reid poll.

28% of Canadians approve of Trudeau, compared to 67% who disapprove of him.

And when we look at the numbers his opponents have, it’s clear how unpopular Trudeau has become.

Andrew Scheer’s net approval is -6%, with 40% of Canadians approving of him compared to 46% who disapprove.

Even Jagmeet Singh – who has struggled significantly as NDP Leader — is more popular than Trudeau. 34% approve of Singh, while 45% disapprove.

Elizabeth May of the Green Party is the only leader with a net positive approval rating, with 45% approving of her and 34% disapproving.

These are brutal numbers for Trudeau, and it shows that the damage from the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal and his endless broken promises have significantly altered how Canadians perceive him.

As I’ve said many times before, it seems that the more Canadians see of Trudeau, the less we like what we see.

Trudeau’s collapsing popularity also explains why he is running such a dangerous and divisive fear-mongering campaign against his opponents. With the country turning against him, fear and anger is all he has left.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I’ve always perceived him to be a fool. The political depth of a finger bowl they say.

Diane DiFlorio

Sorry to say, but even 39% support seems high. Are there THAT many people that still look at Trudy as any sort of Leader? That to me is surprising. I guess the fluoride works.


” a dangerous and divisive fear-mongering campaign against his opponents.”, exactly the opposite of Trudeau’s multiple statements and “promises”. He lies so easily and smoothly. Harper was right – “Lieberal” and “Just not ready”.

The Liberals have just started. Much more to come. This is going to get interesting.




Frankly, I’m surprised his rating is even this “good”.

shawn harris

It is amazing that Trudeau hasn’t even learned the most simple of things to do, just say nothing and listen to what is being said. Even a fool can appear to be wise when he doesn’t say anything. But this is exactly who Trudeau is, a conceited, deceitful liar, who doesn’t let anything or anyone get in the way of his desires. Only problem is, his desires have lead to him being the most despised Prime Minister Canada has ever had the displeasure of living under. And like most despised liars, they will always default to blaming everyone and anything… Read more »

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

Anyone approving of this traitor has had too much pot!!


Amazing how a vile fractured mind like Trudeau and his like minded friends could have pulled the toques over Canadian eyes at all and risen right to the top. Incredible.