RULES FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME: McKenna Celebrates Carbon Tax Court Win By Flying To France On Fuel-Guzzling Jet For Meetings While Telling Us To Cut Our Carbon Footprints

Elites like McKenna have exempted themselves from the sacrifices they claim the rest of us have to make.

Catherine McKenna recently spoke out on the carbon tax following the Saskatchewan Government’s loss of a challenge against the tax.

McKenna called it a ‘win’ for the planet, even though the federal carbon tax is nothing more than a betrayal of Canadian taxpayers, while exempting some of the biggest emitters and making the affordability crisis even worse.

And now, McKenna is celebrating her ‘win’ the way the elites most enjoy celebrating: Laughing at all the rest of us while living the high life.

Here’s what McKenna recently Tweeted:

“Went for an early morning run before today’s meetings begin. Metz is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for hosting us these past few days. Let’s get to work.”

Metz, a city in Northeast France, is the site of some G7 Environment meetings.

Those meetings will be full of a bunch of elitists who apparently never heard of Skype, and love flying around the world on fuel-guzzling jets while lecturing the rest of us about all the ‘sacrifices’ we’re supposed to make.

Queen Paola summed it up well on Twitter:

“Happy Monday, plebes!

As you all start your long, hard work-week so that our corrupt gov’t can steal 50% of what you earn, Catherine wants you to know how much fun she’s having wasting that hard-earned money.

What a hero!”

The elites want power and control over our lives. They want to make us poorer, so they can afford to keep living large. Our poverty is their luxury.

It’s a disgusting level of hypocrisy and open contempt, and it must be punished on Election Day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube