PATHETIC: Hussen Tries Blaming Conservatives For Collapse Of Asylum System

The Liberals are determined to never take responsibility for anything.

With the Auditor General reporting that the Asylum System has basically collapsed under this government, the Trudeau Liberals are responding as they always do:

Blame someone else.

And they’re picking their usual favorite target:

The Conservatives.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, following the AG report, said the crisis is because of “half-baked reforms” which the Conservatives brought in.


After almost four years in office Hussen is still blaming the previous government?

Making this more absurd is that Hussen spent years attacking critics of his pro-illegal immigration policy ‘bigots,’ and ‘un-Canadian,’ yet the Trudeau Liberals just recently implemented some of the exact changes the Conservatives had been calling for for years to end the illegal border crossing crisis.

This shows how the Trudeau Liberals are now trapped by their own lies:

They allowed and encouraged the illegal border crossings, which led to the illegal border crossing crisis.

They slandered and demonized anyone who called for measures to end the crisis, meaning the crisis went on longer, and wrecked the system even more.

And then, they implemented exactly what the same people they’d been slandering called for, without ending the demonization or admitting any wrongdoing.

Finally, after all the consequences of their failure and deceptions resulted in the decimation of the asylum system, they blamed people who haven’t been in power for almost four years.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube