AG Report Shows Trudeau Government Has Devastated The Asylum System

Allowing illegal border crossers to enter the country – and encouraging that illegal entry – has had the predictable effect of ruining the asylum system.

Canada’s asylum system has been devastated by illegal border crossings, and the backlog is now the worst in Canadian history.

That’s not according to a partisan statement from the Conservatives, it’s according to Canada’s Auditor General.

The AG released a report based on their audit of the asylum system.

And the results aren’t good.

“We found that Canada’s refugee system is unable to process claims within the two-month target set by the government. In fact, backlogs and wait times are worse now than when the system was last reformed in 2012, to address these very same issues,” says the report.

The problem of course is that the Trudeau government encouraged and allowed fake asylum claims to be made in the legitimate asylum claim system. By allowing people from the United States (who can’t credibly claim they’re seeking asylum) to make massive amounts of claims and enter Canada illegally, genuine claimants from parts of the world where they legitimately face death have been pushed to the back of the line.

Now, the system is broken, and the blame for that broken system must rest solely on the Trudeau government. By refusing to enforce our border and respect our laws, the federal government has wrecked an asylum claim system that was once seen as among the best in the world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube