Senate Suspends Beyak

Beyak calls it a “Totalitarian” move.

Senator Lynn Beyak – who has already been removed from the Conservative Senate Caucus – has been suspended from the Senate.

The suspension is temporary.

The Senate says they’re suspending her because of ‘offensive’ letters that are posted on her Senate website.

Beyak was pushed to remove the letters, but has chosen not too, citing free speech.

Speaking in the Senate today, Beyak slammed the suspension:

“This type of penalty is totalitarian and alien to the tradition of free nations like Canada. Parliamentarians have not had their freedom of expression threatened like this since the events that led to the enactment of the Bill of Rights by the English Parliament on December 16, 1689.”

The Senate says the letters will now be removed. Beyak will not be paid during her suspension.

Beyak has been sitting as an independent Senator since 2018, when Andrew Scheer expelled her from the Conservative Caucus.

Spencer Fernando

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Norbert Kausen

Yes, it IS totalitarian, and Trudeaup and his gang of reprehensible henchmen… errrr….ahhhh… henchpeoplekind, are turning Canada into a communist totalitarian dictatorship!!! The warnings had been out there for a long time BUT… went unheeded by fickle Canadians!


I’m sorry but Andrew Sheer is not a good leader


Well…she has a point…free speech is under attack in Canada and worldwide….Wish people would wake up before it’s too late….If you don’t like certain speech…don’t listen to it….but if you stop said speech…than prepare that you’re speech too will be censored…Wish people would learn to agree to disagree and have intelligent, respectful debates….Instead…it’s shut down all speech you disagree with…and unfortunately it’s aimed mostly at Liberals…


Could the actions by Scheer and Trudeau be seen as a warning to their members? Do and say as you are told or else?

George Bacon

Yes the free-market of ideas is critical to our society.
Let people think for themselves.
Good or Bad ideas need to be argued and debated with logic, reason and fact. If you simply try to silence opposing speech, all that ends up happening is it goes underground and division is increased.


Correction …what I mean is that it’s the Liberals that want all speech they don’t agree with..silenced…


I searched the senate website and could not find anything on her page that could be considered bigoted or hateful. There were a few letters in support of the residential schools written by people who apparently either attended them or had familiarity with those who attended. I asked opponents of Beyak to point to bigoted letters and they could point to nothing. Basically she is being punished for going against the official PC narrative. And Scheer is a weakling for failing to stand up to the PC bullies. If the conservatives lose the next election it will be all on… Read more »


The kids did get some bit of education, so it wasn’t all bad.


The racist senator should resign. She is copying the American neo nazis, claiming that it is her right to publish hate speech. It isn’t.