Senate Suspends Beyak

Beyak calls it a “Totalitarian” move.

Senator Lynn Beyak – who has already been removed from the Conservative Senate Caucus – has been suspended from the Senate.

The suspension is temporary.

The Senate says they’re suspending her because of ‘offensive’ letters that are posted on her Senate website.

Beyak was pushed to remove the letters, but has chosen not too, citing free speech.

Speaking in the Senate today, Beyak slammed the suspension:

“This type of penalty is totalitarian and alien to the tradition of free nations like Canada. Parliamentarians have not had their freedom of expression threatened like this since the events that led to the enactment of the Bill of Rights by the English Parliament on December 16, 1689.”

The Senate says the letters will now be removed. Beyak will not be paid during her suspension.

Beyak has been sitting as an independent Senator since 2018, when Andrew Scheer expelled her from the Conservative Caucus.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube