Trudeau Liberals Slammed For Corrupt Media Bailout Plan

Immense amount of criticism for scheme to give pro-Liberal groups power to pick who gets media bailout.

The Trudeau Liberals are being slammed for their corrupt plan to bailout the establishment media.

The criticism has escalated following the announcement of the groups that will help choose who gets the bailout money.

After people saw that the groups were Liberal-friendly, including Unifor (who are actively campaigning against the Conservatives), the criticism surged.

Below, you can see what people are saying:

“This is actually worse than anyone could have imagined. An “independent body” staffed entirely by unions and industry lobbyists. What a disaster.”

“What is the minister thinking? If your sole ambition was to completely discredit the government’s bailout, this is how you would proceed.”

“It is quite clear now, if it was not already: this is the most serious threat to the independence of the press in this country in decades.”

“The optics of journalism associations and unions deciding who picks the recipients of government aid for journalism are getting very queasy.”

“Unifor is now in charge of handing out government money to news companies they deem worthy. Unifor will register as a third party advertiser during the upcoming federal election. Unifor has stated its opposition to the Conservative Party. This is the corruption of democracy.”

“I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that most Canadian organizations with “journalists” or “media” in the title are populated solely by embittered activist burnouts with an axe to grind. I’m sure their stewardship of a giant pile of money will be equitable.”

“I don’t know what I expected. I expected it to be bad. This is way worse.”

Whatever credibility the establishment media may have had left is being shattered, and the centralization of power by the Trudeau government is reaching horrible new heights.

Canadians must stand against this. It cannot be allowed.

Spencer Fernando

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The Law of Unintended Consequences. Trudeau thinks this is going to buy the Liberals positive press to sway the voter. Instead it is going to create a tsunami of anger for this glaringly obvious tactic of Soviet-style of bought and paid for press coverage.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau said he was going to do politics differently, but no one ever thought that he would turn Canada from a free democracy into a dictatorship in less than four years. Canadians, wake up, our freedoms and rights are under extreme threat of being cancelled by Trudeau. This buying of the media is just the first step of many towards Trudeau’s basic form of dictatorship.


Trudeau has to bear in mind that not all dictators get voted out of their position.

George H. Armstrong

I was a journalist myself for a number of years and we never asked for a penny, increased circulation every year. That was because the public supported the paper I was running. The public will buy what the public wants. If the public doesn’t buy, it is because the public doesn’t want it. Why else do you think the CBC is so little listened-to? The solution is simple: if the media cannot earn the support of the public, let the media go broke. And that specifically INCLUDES the CBC.

Donald O'Kane

This is obviously a Liberal election scam that we Canadians are paying for with our tax dollars. Tax dollars are not supposed to be paying for federal partys election campaigns. We as Canadians need to take this $600 million dollars awaay from the Liberals and give it to our Veterans or Seniors to do something for Canadians that have been defending and supporting Canada through the years. If the Liberals want to do this then they should pay for this with their own “Liberal party” money. I am completely appaled at all the things that are coming out of Ottawa… Read more »

old white guy

They borrowed the 600 million anyone who thinks otherwise does not think or is a complete blithering idiot.

Donald O'Kane

The Liberals have been borrowing money for all their pet projects that do nothing for Canadians and leave us taxpayers on the hook for it. I wish I could do that.


Lieberal Green NDP political environment communist propaganda advertising paid for with our taxes = more debt, get the word out read to read Spencer Fernando to find out what is really happening, still too many do not know.

Anna Penney

Every second week Lana Payne, Regional Director of Unifor has an article in The Telegram criticizing Stephen Harper, even after four year since he has been Prime Minister. She just campaigned for the NDP in the Provincial Election. It sickens me that she will be responsible for approval of media.

David Henley

funny how this is all against Scheer. Bernier is a conservative with the PPC. Scheer is in a party name only called the conservatives. Conservatives are not just a party but a way of life and moral convection. Scheer has given that up to seek power.


For decades the media gave their themselves to the liberal party to write from them; to lie for them without any bail out or bribe money. In fact, the media would do anything and everything in their power to continue promoting supporting this vile liberal party and liberal henchmen for FREE.
By the way, how much dues will unionist Diaz collect from the reporters?