HYPOCRITES: While Trudeau & McKenna Lecture Us About The Environment, The Liberals Aren’t Even Coming Close To The Paris Targets They Signed Up For

More hypocrisy from the climate clowns.

Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna love lecturing Canadians about the environment.

And that lecturing is increasingly turning to fear-mongering, as McKenna ramps up the rhetoric – apparently following her ‘if you say it loud enough and often enough people will believe it’ strategy.

Yet, for all their talk about a ‘climate emergency,’ and all their attacks on the Conservatives for supposedly not having a ‘plan,’ the reality is that the Trudeau government is massively missing the Paris Accord targets they themselves signed up for.

As reported by Axios, Canada is missing the targets by quite a large amount:

“Where countries rank: The top 10 emitters are bolded.

    • Role model: None.

    • 1.5ºC Paris Agreement compatible: Morocco, The Gambia

    • 2ºC compatible: Bhutan, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, Philippines

    • Insufficient: Australia, BrazilEU, Kazakhstan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Switzerland

    • Highly insufficient: Argentina, Canada, Chile, ChinaIndonesiaJapan, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, UAE

    • Critically insufficient: Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States, Ukraine”

First, we know the Paris Accord is a totally messed-up agreement.

It allows countries like China to keep increasing emissions for decades, while telling Western nations to impose draconian economic policies that would have a devastating impact on our standard of living and prosperity.

Second, the ‘climate action tracker’ is focused on what some claim would happen if emissions in a country don’t change, rather than the actual up or down in emissions.

For example, the United States has actually cut emissions by more than any other country (all without a carbon tax) but doesn’t get credit for that in the Paris Accord or the ‘climate action tracker’ because the demands the accord imposes on Western nations are so high.

So, I don’t buy into the Paris Accord, as it is a concerning step towards more centralized UN oversight over sovereign nations, and is heavily biased against nations like Canada, and towards China.

However, it is important to hold the Trudeau government to their own claimed standards, and to call out their hypocrisy.

They can’t go around touting their ‘climate record’ and accusing others of not ‘taking climate action,’ when they’re woefully failing to meet the commitments they claimed to support.

It’s just like the ‘climate emergency’ they now say is happening. What a coincidence that the Liberals notice the ’emergency’ after the Green Party wins a byelection and starts growing in the polls.

The fact is, Trudeau & McKenna are Climate Clowns, who use the issue as an excuse to impose taxes on regular Canadians (while exempting themselves and their fellow elites), and fear-monger endlessly in a desperate and pathetic attempt to win votes.

When Trudeau & McKenna are held to their own standards, they are revealed as dishonest, unprincipled people who are willing to sell out our prosperity and betray our national interests just so they can stay in power for a little-bit longer.

That’s the kind of hypocrisy and cynicism that has no place among the leaders of our country, and the Canadian People need to reject it in the upcoming election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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In this case we should be thankful for their hypocrisy because
anything they do comes out of our pocketbooks, not theirs.

“Trudeau & McKenna are Climate Clowns”,
current leaders of the Liberal, Green, NDP three ring circus
each one competing to be the main attraction in the center ring.

Thomas Tass

Hypocrisy and a good dose of corruption are the cornerstones of the current Liberal program and its leadership. Pearson, Laurier and St. Laurent are spinning in their graves.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and McKenna like to lecture us all endlessly about the environment, especially in a very loud, very deceitfully,condescending, patronizing hypocritical ways. Then when the election is over , Trudeau, Mckenna and all the other corrupt Liberals , will have heard very loudly just what the average citizen thinks of them and their arrogant corrupt ways. For the majority of Canadians will have delivered a very loud and clear message, we have had enough of these arrogant, hypocritical, deceitful, and corrupted virtue signalers and will have thrown every last one of them out of office.