On A Per Capita Basis, Canada Is Getting Poorer

Economic growth is lower than population growth, meaning the country is becoming poorer in real terms.

One of the ways the establishment media and the elites seeks to hide the truth is by using selective statistics that appear to show reality, but actually obscures what is really taking place.

The constant reference to GDP growth is a key example of that.

As I recently reported, Canada’s GDP ‘grew’ by just 0.1% in March.

And the annualized rate of growth is a minuscule 0.4%.

By contrast, the United States is growing at an annualized rate of 3.1%.

Now, here’s the problem.

When those GDP numbers are discussed, population growth is left out.

So, it’s possible to look at Canada’s GDP numbers and think, “well, the economy isn’t growing that quickly, but at least the country is getting a little bit richer.”

However, that’s not what is really taking place.

Canada’s population is growing by 1.2%.

Population growth in the US is 0.7%.

If we subtract Canada’s population growth from our GDP growth, we get -0.8%. It’s negative.

Meanwhile, if we subtract US population growth from their economic growth, we get 2.4%.

So – in real terms – the only terms that matter for real people since it’s what impacts our standard of living, the United States is getting richer, and Canada is getting poorer.

It’s really quite simple. If our income per person was just staying steady, then Canada should have grown by 1.2%. The rate of population growth and a stable income should give us a baseline GDP growth rate of 1.2%. That’s the minimum it should be.

Anything less means the standard of living and relative income of the average Canadian is declining, which also means our economy is getting worse.

Of course, you and I can certainly notice how that’s almost never discussed in the media. In fact, much of the Canadian establishment media keeps criticizing US economic policy, while falsely trying to claim that Canada’s economy is doing well.

Yet the facts make the reality clear: The US economy is actually growing. Canada’s economy is getting smaller on a person by person basis.

It is absolutely essential that we get this message and this reality out to as many people as possible. The Trudeau government is desperate to remain in power, and they will be using the media and their power over government institutions to try and create a false narrative. They will use manipulative statistics – especially selective statistics – in order to create an impression that may ‘feel right,’ but isn’t actually right.

The establishment media won’t get that info out, so it’s up to independent Canadians. We can’t improve our country unless people know the reality of what’s happening in the country, and we can’t know the reality unless we cut through the government lies, deceptions, and manipulations and ensure that reality is revealed.

Canada’s economy is in serious trouble, Canadians are struggling, debt is rising, and the risk of serious crisis becomes more prevalent each and every day. And that’s a direct result of Trudeau and Morneau’s failed economic policies – and that is simply undeniable when we look at the real numbers.

Spencer Fernando

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Ivan Hawkes

Some Canadians won’t change their view of support for Justin until they are paying $30.00 for a box of corn flakes. When inflation has sky rocketed and a big box of dollars only buys a jerry can of gasoline for the car they can’t afford to keep running. Their small minded shallow outlook is so bent on focusing on environment or being overly generous to the world, they ignore that the LIEberals are giving Canada away to the globalist UN and the psychopaths therein. People claim to love their children but place more priority on hockey scores than they do… Read more »


It has been well established long ago, never, ever report any decline as it will happen much quicker as investors jump ship to safer investments.
This is why there is a huge disconnect from reality to what media and politicians report economically.
Never look at the banking systems always increasing inflation.
Just get rid of the pennies and move on…Not fix the system…

Clive Edwards

Canada needs to trade and allow investment wherever we can get the best deal; if that means China or other countries the U.S. insists we not trade with, we need to go with our sovereign rights, not what is dictated by others. We also need to invest in Canada, although for most Canadians that may be a losing proposition, given the way global corporations and those tied to ex politicians have advantages over average Canadians. The biggest mistake we can make is to put all our eggs in one basket, even if that basket is “American”.

Ron Shaw

The entire liberal party , including old “ Bill “ apparently are not good at math , Kokanee boy admitted it math is “hard” oh so hard .
That’s why the budget will balance itself , and of course everyone knows , Drama is much tougher . Now you know the truth .


Socialism working the way it should. Socialist Canada following in the path of Venezuela, Cuba, most European countries. What is the matter with Canadians. Open your eyes. Just another failed Socialist Progressive Liberal state.