Desperate? Trudeau Liberals Ask Quebec Separatist Party Leader For Political Donations

What’s going on here?

We know that the Trudeau Liberals are feeling pretty desperate these days.

With their poll numbers low and the Conservatives leading in many surveys, the Liberals have been upping their fear-mongering on every issue, calling the Conservatives racists, bigots, bringing up abortion constantly, and now claiming that the carbon tax can stop the world from ending.

But a recent report raises even more questions about how desperate the Liberals are getting.

According to the CP, the Trudeau Liberals tried to solicit a donation from Pascal Berube.

Pascal Berube is the interim leader of the Separatist Parti Quebecois.

The Liberals sent a donation letter to Berube’s constituency office.

The letter was signed by Justin Trudeau.

According to the report, “Other sovereigntists from elsewhere in the province — who’ve said they’ve never supported the federal Liberals — reported on social media that they too had received the Liberals’ letter. Some wondered aloud where the Liberal Party of Canada would’ve found the PQ’s mailing list.”

Berube posted a copy of the donation solicitation:

“Surprise !

Le chef du Parti libéral du Canada m’écrit pour me demander de contribuer à sa campagne de financement. 🤔

Je vais décliner.

Je préfère financer le @BlocQuebecois, ce qui est déjà fait et je vous invite à en faire autant !”


While the Liberals will obviously try to downplay this, it actually appears to be part of a co-ordinated strategy.

Recently, Justin Trudeau spoke about Quebec Separatists (who have very little popular support), in evasive, even somewhat positive terms.

With a narrow majority, the Liberals are expected to lose many seats in Western Canada, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces. In fact, while the Liberals won all 32 Atlantic seats, they are now either tied or trailing the Conservatives in the region. That means the Liberals could lose their majority in the Atlantic region alone. Combined with their losses in other parts of the country, the Liberals are potentially in big trouble.

However, the one area where their poll numbers have been strong is Quebec. The Liberals are now likely to pursue a strategy of polarizing the country, writing off the West and seeking to up their seat count in Quebec.

With that in mind, trying to win over separatists makes a strange kind of sense, and is likely something we will see more of from the Trudeau Liberals.

Of course, the fact that they are now reduced to seeking money from people who want to break up our country goes to show how much Trudeau and his cronies have failed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

The liberals are showing their colors when they show you how much they like Canada when they send our money to other countries when we need help here at home,as far I am concerned they are being very traitorous to Canadians and listening to the Globalists instead of Canadian people we are a sovereign country and want to stay that way,Turdeau is looking for a seat in the corrupt United Nations,while he should maybe try working for a living ,he certainly does not know how to run a country,in fact he is stupid to think he can keep shitting on… Read more »


If only we were taught our real history in the Americas, history really does repeat itself, but we have become uneducated for a purpose.


I disagree that this is a failure on their part. Trudeau Jr. has zero interest in keeping Canada together. He never has.


If the liberals want the PQ votes and donations, the liberals will have to following PQ demands in all fields: ridding the oil sands, pipelines, more money and so on, which Trudeau has no troubles of doing.


Funny how he keeps saying our diversity is our strength. French AND English have lived together peacefully till the TRUDEAUS stepped in!!! Now he’s encouraging them to join his party and…you know…you never know…., Disgusting TRAITOR!!!