SICKENING: Canadians Rip Victoria City Councillor Ben Isitt For Saying Military Should Pay For Remembrance Day Events

The radical far-left councillor then tried demonizing Conservatives in a brutally tone-deaf response.

Victoria City Councillor Ben Isitt is facing a massive backlash from the justifiably-outraged Canadian People, following his horrendous proposla that the military be billed for Remembrance Day events.

Apparently, Isitt thinks that remembering our fallen heroes is too big a cost for the city to pay for.

And it’s not the first crazy thing Isitt has proposed recently, as noted by Richard Zussman on Twitter:

“Since being re-elected last fall Victoria city councillor Ben Isitt has:
Proposed reducing Christmas decorations and getting rid of Poinsettia’s on his desk
Banned horse drawn carriages
Limit Canada Day celebration
Get Canadian military to cover Remembrance Day costs”

“I don’t want a poinsettia. It is a symbol of the Christian faith.” – Ben Isitt

I don’t know what’s worse here, his conflation of a pointsetta with Christianity, or the contempt and bigotry he feels free to articulate as a public official.

People aren’t happy:

“You ‘honour’ war veterans by trying to get Rememberance Day costs covered on #DDay75 – and now with tasteless rebuttals to those who disagree with you? I’m a level headed young guy, objectively – you’re completely tone deaf on these responses.”

Completely Shameful. I can’t believe any politician would put forth & pass a bill like the one by Victoria Councillor Ben Isitt. To do so on the 75th anniversary of DDay is even more insulting.

His conspiratorial quackery gives further evidence to my proposition that Ben Isitt is a political kook. Linking @BradWestPoco @Kris_Sims yours truly & other critics to #Nazis? Councilor, thousands of Cdn boys buried in #France have paid in full for #RemembranceDay ceremonies.

Despite the massive backlash, Isitt is now attacking Conservatives:

“More unfortunate, however, is the nefarious ways in which conservative political forces and their agents in the corporate media have chosen to distort Victoria City Council’s benign request for assistance from federal authorities, into a supposed affront to war veterans.”

That was written in a Medium article by Isitt titled: Priorities and Distractions: Statement from Ben isitt, Historian and Victoria City Councillor.

In that article, Isitt included a photo which implies that he is somehow fighting against fascism:

Warren Kinsella summed it up well:

“(a) Conflates his many media critics with actual Nazis. (b) Refuses to acknowledge a huge mistake. (c) Makes things way worse for himself. What an asshole.”

What an asshole indeed. It’s absolutely sickening that Isitt has any position of power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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2 + 2= 5, 2 + 2= 3, anything crazily bouncing off the walls, left or right = selfish socialist communism which is both left and right. 2 + 2 = 4, centered has common sense = centered thoughtful Conservatives.
People in Canada better start paying attention, elections are important to our future as Canadians and too many of them lie, usually left and right, and they should not be in our politics at all if we want a democratic safe country


I live in the Victoria area. I can assure you he’s not the only loon on Victoria council, he’s just more outspoken than the others. Plastic bags have been banned, and any retailer caught giving a customer one can face a fine. Millions and millions have been spent creating bike lanes on downtown streets, doing away with parking stalls and making it that much more difficult for people to get downtown to shop, eat and do other things. The mayor and council voted to get rid of the Sir John A MacDonald statue that had been outside city hall for… Read more »


He sure shows what wrong with the entire Radical Left, no respect for what was given them and paid for by the lives and limbs of the very soldiers they scorn.

Ruth Bard

This is the same city council that removed the statue of Sir John A from city hall. Sadly, Victoria is crawling with these twits, as is much of the west coast, and they keep getting elected.