KILL BILL: Job Creators Rip Job Killers, Say C-69 Will Screw Canadians

‘Save Canadian Jobs Coalition’ now says Bill C-69 can’t be fixed.

Canadian manufacturers, Chambers of Commerce, and Oil & Gas groups are coming together to denounce Bill C-69.

Previously, the group – which has dubbed themselves the ‘Save Canadian Jobs Coalition,’ had said that Bill C-69 must be ‘fixed.’

But now, they say it must be ‘stopped,’ calling for the legislation to be scrapped entirely.

The Trudeau Liberals have accepted some amendments to the legislation, but rejected the substantive amendments that Canadian job creators had been pushing for.

The environmental assessment legislation is widely seen has dangerous for the Canadian economy, placing shackles on Canadian industry and jobs that our competitors don’t apply.

As a result – despite the fact that Canada already has some of the most stringent environment assessment rules on earth – our companies could find themselves unable to compete, leading to jobs and investment fleeing the country.

Here’s what the Save Canadian Jobs Coalition says about the legislation on their website:

“Fix is no longer an option.

Stop Bill C-69.

Save Canadian Jobs.

Save National Unity

Provinces. Territories. Senate.

Ignored by this government.

Canada’s natural resources have long been the backbone of our prosperity. But just as we should be building natural resource projects, the federal government is creating greater uncertainty for those who want to create jobs in Canada.

Earlier this year, the federal government introduced Bill C-69 as an attempt to impose new environmental assessment measures on Canada’s resource sector. While well-intentioned, the bill adds new layers of bureaucracy, higher costs, and lengthier delays to natural resource project approvals—meaning Canada will have an uncertain regulatory environment, which will drive investment and more jobs out of Canada.

Just recently, Senate listened to the concerns of thousands of Canadians and made hundreds of amendments. But despite the 9 provinces and 3 territories actively opposed to this bill, this federal government has ignored Canadians again didn’t accept these changes.

Bill C-69 is about to become law, unless we convince the Federal government of Canada to STOP it.

Help us save Canadian jobs and save National Unity.”


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