UN Calls For Canada ‘Genocide’ Probe

Thanks Justin…

The fallout from Justin Trudeau’s unbelievably stupid decision to use the term ‘genocide’ in discussing the MMIWG report continues.

Now, the United Nations is calling for the Canadian government to ‘investigate’ the ‘genocide.’

In a statement, the UN said “The national inquiry found reasons to believe that Canada’s past and present policies, omissions and actions amount to genocide, under international law. Given these findings by the inquiry, we call on the government to take steps for competent national authorities to assess these serious claims.”

And while some have tried to claim that Trudeau isn’t responsible for the humiliating scrutiny faced by Canada, UBC Professor Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond said this:

“The very first thing I’m sure the commissioner’s going to want to see is what is the plan on the part of Prime Minister Trudeau and his government to address the conditions of genocide that he’s admitted. The fact that the prime minister said ‘genocide’ triggers an international process.”

Because of Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling stupidity, Canada is now lumped in with the worst of the worst, and is in fact being treated worse than places where there are actual horrific ongoing crimes taking place.

For example, the UN has done nothing about Communist China putting millions of innocent Muslim people in internment camps. Yet, the UN somehow has the time to focus on the ‘genocide’ Justin Trudeau says is going on.

It’s head-spinning and it shows how totally upside-down the world has become.

Countries committing horrible acts are getting away with it, while Canadians – a people committed to freedom and human rights – are treated like garbage.

What a mess.

Spencer Fernando

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