UN Calls For Canada ‘Genocide’ Probe

Thanks Justin…

The fallout from Justin Trudeau’s unbelievably stupid decision to use the term ‘genocide’ in discussing the MMIWG report continues.

Now, the United Nations is calling for the Canadian government to ‘investigate’ the ‘genocide.’

In a statement, the UN said “The national inquiry found reasons to believe that Canada’s past and present policies, omissions and actions amount to genocide, under international law. Given these findings by the inquiry, we call on the government to take steps for competent national authorities to assess these serious claims.”

And while some have tried to claim that Trudeau isn’t responsible for the humiliating scrutiny faced by Canada, UBC Professor Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond said this:

“The very first thing I’m sure the commissioner’s going to want to see is what is the plan on the part of Prime Minister Trudeau and his government to address the conditions of genocide that he’s admitted. The fact that the prime minister said ‘genocide’ triggers an international process.”

Because of Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling stupidity, Canada is now lumped in with the worst of the worst, and is in fact being treated worse than places where there are actual horrific ongoing crimes taking place.

For example, the UN has done nothing about Communist China putting millions of innocent Muslim people in internment camps. Yet, the UN somehow has the time to focus on the ‘genocide’ Justin Trudeau says is going on.

It’s head-spinning and it shows how totally upside-down the world has become.

Countries committing horrible acts are getting away with it, while Canadians – a people committed to freedom and human rights – are treated like garbage.

What a mess.

Spencer Fernando

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Is it the last straw that will break the camels back brought to you by Justin Trudeau…..

Gloria Saunders

Dictionary meaning of Geneocide – “The systematic extermination or destruction of an entire people or national group”. How can anyone accuse the Canadian people of geneocide, when there are approximately 1200 people missing. The RCMP have solved about 85% of these cases and find that it is usually family members and or friends who are invovled. I greatly resent this accusation. We owe no recompensaton to anyone.


Well if we keep “not’ having a Canadian government, I thought they would find a way to get their pretend communist one world government buddies to come and take control their way, I mean these lefties (lieberals/NDP/Greens) have paid the UN enough of our money, it is what I expected, anything to take Canadians down. Maybe now the election will be called off ??? Unless this election is another fake, they will lose, and they are doing to Canada what their foreign masters want. Sorry but after everything that has been done to Canada I do not trust anything being… Read more »

Karen Anderson

That is not the definition of Genocide.What happened in Rwanda was a Genocide !!!!


True dope already spun his stupidity into “cultural genocide”. Then spun more nonsense as it already did “happen” and is not “happening”. Thus he is still the greatest pm of all time working towards reconciliation. No wonder I fear the left and their delusions.

Shane Newman

Hi Spencer While I respect your views, there has been a genocide in Canada. We now face the truth , warts and all. Successive governments have done absolutely nothing to stop the murder and abduction of this countries Indiginous women and girls. The residential school system was a blatant attempt at wiping out native culture, and replacing it with Christianity, as was the mandatory sterilization of native women and men. The forcible relocation of native communites to isolated locations , and the introduction of alcohol has done even more damage. There are so many cases of native exploitation and racism… Read more »

alan skelhorne

really, genocide, you have to be a liberal to say these things, considering that most of the missing women, the rcmp has solved somewhere around 80%, btw , it was their own killing their own, a lot like Chicago, but the white man still gets blamed.


Sad, but true. Many do not, do not like the truth…


Shane, do you have any idea of the meaning of the word? The deliberate and intentional executions and murders of Christians in Nigeria, Mali, the Middle East, SE Asia, Pakistan and across Africa is genocide. Canadian natives committing crimes against their own family members is not genocide.

Alberta Guy

If you are so, so, so concerned about the missing and murdered Indigenous women, why are you so silent about the missing and murdered Indigenous men being murdered or missing at 4x the rate women are? Why is there absolutely nothing said about that?


Why must Trudeau try to ruin Canada at every turn?

Civil Civilian

The pm is the euro man nothing he does is for the good only for him only justin soon just a fallen branch…Canada is turning blue and nothing major trudie can do..


I was always led to believe that it was the Catholic Church that took children away from parents and caused all that hurt then. But now genocide that i don’t understand. What genocide?? And if the UN is going to look into genocide then its time they look into genocide of Christians that is happening now..

Major Tom

While the blue helmets are here checking into this farce……why not have them check out a real genocide here…..it’s called abortion……and it is so out of control…..provinces are not even required to keep stats on the number of unborn babies killed……..


It is sad that genocide has been trivialized. Now we cannot get to the bottom of the systematic horrors that have been perpetrated against indigenous women. No one should try to deny the truth. Now though because we all have been confronted with an inaccurate use of the term genocide we cannot move on to confront the true horror. A very sad day indeed. Misuse of Nazi, genocide, or holocaust has repercussions. The commission has done an immense disservice to itself.

old white guy

When a nation and a people have become so dumbed down over generations this is the idiocy that we are faced with. Anyone with even a tiny brain can understand what genocide is and the murder of indian women by their husbands, boy friends, pimps, dopers and others is not genocide. Stupid, ignorant, Canadians.

Lance Boyle

Actually, even more stupid than the PM is the UN itself. Uttering the word “Genocide” somehow triggers a process involving the UN requiring their knickers to be untwisted. Turpel-Lafond is blowing smoke up everyone’s rear end in this regard as the UN has time and time again shown itself to be unelected busybodies led by the very tyrants that they are supposed to be a guard against. Of course, being a First Nations herself, and a lawyer, Turpel-Lafond does have a vested interest in having this blown out of proportion. If we were truly a soverign nation, and we wanted… Read more »

Lee Welter

Does the United Nations offer unfree nations influence over governments that are much more free (and therefor prosperous)?

Kevin Parson

The Itccs has all the evidence required to have Justin removed along with the corruption that protects him. Support for the Itccs is growing from unexpected sources. The Canadian version of the Corrupt CIA attempted to transfer Itccs lead activist from a border crossing to an undisclosed location to interrogate and international pressure had him released in hours, another failed attempt to cover up crimes by Justin and those he swore allegiance too. Justin just loves wallowing in the swamp. His nakedness will show as the swamp drains. Kevin Annett is so much more a hero than any that humanity… Read more »