VIDEO: Kenney Comments

“Approval is not construction. So now let’s get it built!”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Energy Minister Sonya Savage have responded to the federal cabinet approving the Trans Mountain expansion.

Here’s what Kenney said on Twitter:

“The Government of Alberta appreciates the second federal cabinet approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.

We need to get a fair price for our country’s energy to create good jobs & pay for public services.

Approval is not construction. So now let’s get it built!”

“Without #TMX and other coastal pipelines, we are underselling our resources to the United States, and allowing OPEC countries to dominate global energy markets. That doesn’t reduce energy consumption, it just sells Canadians short, making us poorer.”

“We never should have been put in the position of depending on one coastal pipeline project. That’s what happened through the cancellation of Northern Gateway & the killing of East, policies now being enshrined in Bills C-48 & C-69.”

“Albertans continue to urge the federal government to listen to the provinces, job creators & the Senate on these bills, to restore investor confidence and diversify our markets.”

You can watch the comments by Kenney and Savage below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook