Catherine McKenna’s Fear-Mongering Totally Demolished As Report Indicates Canada Will BENEFIT From Climate Change

This is further evidence that McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals are using climate change as an excuse to expand government power and take more of our tax dollars.

A new report by Moody’s indicates that Canada’s economy is actually poised to benefit from the climate change claims being made by the UN intergovernmental panel.

Even in the most dire scenarios – which have been questioned by many – Canada sees either no economic damage, or an economic gain.

While this is of course a hypothetical scenario, it’s based on the numbers that McKenna and Trudeau have been using to spread fear about climate change, so let’s hold them to their own standards.

According to the Moody’s report, Canada is among the small number of countries are poised to see a net economic gain compared to a baseline scenario by 2048.

Canada, the UK, and Germany all see a gain of about 0.1% to 0.3% of GDP, depending on how high temperatures rise.

France and the US see smaller gains.

Meanwhile, Russia and India are among the nations that will be most impacted, while Saudi Arabia gets it worst of all.

China, Brazil, Italy, and South Korea also see projected economic losses, relative to the baseline.

This absolutely demolishes the fear-mongering that McKenna and Trudeau have been pushing.

McKenna repeatedly claims that Canada faces a ‘crisis’ unless we ‘act.’ Of course, when she says ‘act,’ she really means that we give our money to the elites, shut down the energy industry, and make ourselves poorer so foreign countries can get richer.

And yet, she has no facts to back up her claims, and the facts are actually against her.

This Moody’s report just goes to show that McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals have been lying to us all along, and are willing to stop at nothing to push their agenda of expanded government power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

This revelation and destruction of the lies by Trudeau and McKenna should shake to the core even the most hardcore climate change fanatics. And cause them to stop trusting Trudeau and McKenna and their lies.This report by Moody’s clearly shows proof that all along,that these so called progressive socialists, such as Trudeau and McKenna, pushing even demanding that countries must shut down their industries, natural resource development ( oil and mineral industries) and transition to unproven and unreliable green energy; are just using climate change and now carbon as a means to an end to achieve greater and more permanent… Read more »


It started with tree rings…missing the point that water has the greatest effect to growing in a good year.
Scientists never include water or even the massive loss of it in 4 1/2 billion years. Not a single drop gained or lost…hmmm.
Then where did the massive ocean salt deposits come from…how about oil?
There is many examples of overpopulation which forced species onto land.
Missing too asteroids skimming our planet and the great lakes are a prime example of flipping the planet by asteroid breaking and splitting at incredible velocities…
But, it is just my research, it doesn’t count.

William Jones

The Liberals are so used to lying that they cannot (will not) acknowledge the truth, regardless of how obvious it may be, or how it can b proven. Truth, because it interferes with their agenda cannot be allowed to cloud the reality of their lies. Without their lies and the capability of getting some to believe them, there is no Liberal philosophy.

Dave Allsopp

I’ve often stated that until strawberries can be grown year round at Zama Lake in Alberta, I won’t be satisfied with climate warming!


This also proves that the whole thing is nothing more than a wealth transfer scam. Notice that it is the countries worse hit that are exempt from the Paris Accord and the million dollar payout to the international slush fund and are the recipients of that same slush fund.


Canadians are in for some good times ahead. Already we are seeing more water in the hydrological cycle as fresh clean water is filling our lakes and streams and wetlands. All the climate crackpots say is that the oceans are rising but never mention this fresh clean water that is also watering our food crops and forests and all vegetation. This vegetation also increases food for animals and the web of life. . The earth is greening up. Increased Co2 is also feeding the plant life which in turn produces more oxygen through photosynthesis. Oxygen we need to breath. That… Read more »


Climate Goldilocks is an embarrassment! Make the Liberals single use ASAP!

William Jones

Deceit is a Liberal mantra and they cannot help themselves. Once they come up with a plan, no matter how inane, they must forge ahead. Garnering (stealing) our money is top of their ‘to do’ list and over the years they have improved their game plan. But it is our offspring, their offspring, and their offspring who will be tasked with trying to get out from under that debt load and, personally, I cannot see that as a positive legacy.