WATCH: Andrew Scheer Discusses Focus On Making Life More Affordable

Says Conservatives want “people to get ahead, not just get by.”

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has released a video on Twitter, where he discuss his “positive Conservative vision to make life more affordable.”

Affordability has become a key focus for Scheer and the Conservatives, as the affordability crisis in our country continues to grow.

In fact, with recent studies showing that the real inflation rate for many Canadians is closer to 10% than the 2% figure often mentioned, it’s no surprise that millions of Canadians are falling further and further behind.

And while Trudeau effectively presented an image of himself in 2015 as being focused on affordability, his policies are making things far worse, with higher taxes and especially the carbon tax making life far more expensive for Canadians.

So, Scheer and the Conservatives are certainly onto something by focusing on the affordability issue.

You can watch Scheer’s video below:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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