Scheer Slams Trudeau’s SECRET FUEL TAX

Tax will apply to gasoline and home heating, in addition to the carbon tax that is already making life more expensive.

In an open letter to Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is slamming Justin Trudeau’s ‘Secret Fuel Tax.’

Scheer says the Liberals are covering up the real cost of the tax, and noted that gas prices will rise “at least another four cents a litre.”

The tax will also raise the cost of home heating, and will apply to fuel used by Canadian Manufacturers, hurting Canada’s companies.

After making his points, Scheer says to Trudeau, “Given these facts, will you scrap your secret fuel tax?”

Of course, we know Trudeau won’t scrap the tax, leaving it to a new government to remove the damaging new tax, which Scheer says he will do:

“I can assure you that this October, a new Conservative government under my leadership wills crap your carbon tax and your secret fuel tax, leave more money in Canadians pockets, and let them get ahead.”

You can view a photo of Scheer’s letter below:

“On June 28, Justin Trudeau quietly implemented a secret fuel tax that will increase the cost of gas by at least 4¢/l. It’s not just gasoline, either. It will apply to home heating too, on top of the carbon tax. Today, I sent him this letter demanding he come clean about the cost.”

Scheer Trudeau Letter Secret Fuel Tax

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Fuels taxes which are flat taxes hit the poorest and middle class harder!


If fuel taxes are imposed it will be devastating and impact the middle class and seniors with a resounding death knell.

Thomas Tass

The Liberal goons are shameless and frankly evil in the way they are going about setting up the narrative for the election. Canadians – even moderate Liberals – need to understand that current leadership is interested in retaining power at all costs. Canada is to survive Canadians need to vote for Anyone But Liberals. #ABL


Trudope and his Sheep have pretty well Bankrupted Canada. They have given OUR Money to Countries around the World, many of which are Terrorist and Rogue Countries. Trudope has been Funding Terrorism around the World. When you have a Corrupt Joke of a PM who HATES Canadians, there is NOTHING Left for Us! All our Money is Gone to his Corrupt Friends! Our Vets and Seniors are living on the Streets. Trudope has awarded Millions to Terrorists who have Fought Against our Soldiers, killing and disabling both both our Canadian and Allied Soldiers. Trudope and his Minions have been Taxing… Read more »