MEDIA BIAS: Global News Slammed For Horribly Deceptive Headline Misrepresenting Andrew Scheer On Conversion Therapy

Establishment media bias is heating up as the press does the bidding of the Trudeau Liberals.

Global News is being slammed online for a brutally misleading headline that seemed as if it was written by the Liberal Party itself.

It all happened after the Liberals proposed legislation to ban forced conversion therapy. Keep in mind, the Liberals only just now brought up the idea, there is no legislation written, and no actual plan on the issue. It’s literally just something the Liberals threw out there.

As the Liberals wanted, the media then asked Andrew Scheer about it.

Here’s how Global News reported his comments:

“When asked by Global News whether Scheer would support such a ban, he said: “This is something that this Liberal government is only now recently proposing. We will always, of course, stand up for the rights of LGBTQ individuals and protect their rights and, of course, we’re opposed to any type of practice that would forcibly attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation against their will or things like that. So we will wait and see exactly what is being contemplated.”

So, Scheer is being asked to a respond to a proposal that doesn’t actually exist in any tangible form. The Liberals haven’t introduced any legislation. Then, he says that the Conservatives are against forcible attempts to change sexual orientation and says the Conservatives will stand up for the rights of LGBTQ people.

A reasonable headline for the Global News article would have been “Scheer says Conservatives will stand up for LGBTQ Canadians following Liberal musing about conversion therapy ban”

But that’s not what Global News wrote.

Instead, they wrote “Andrew Scheer will ‘wait and see’ before taking stance on Liberal plan for conversion therapy ban.”

That’s totally misleading.

It’s as if it was written by the Liberal Party itself.

Global News did exactly what the Trudeau Liberal PMO would have wanted. They made it seem as if the Liberals actually have a real plan for a conversion therapy ban, and then they made it seem like Scheer isn’t against conversion therapy.

And Global had even worse messaging on their website, with a headline for Charles Adler’s show discussing the issue running the headline “Andrew Scheer won’t support an outright ban on conversion therapy.”

Again, totally misleading and disgraceful.

Conversion Therapy Headline

And of course, the Liberals quickly used the headline to their advantage:

In response, many Canadians ripped Global News, pointing out how biased and misleading the headline was when compared to what Scheer actually said:

“Full quote VS. cherry picked Global headline: “We’re opposed to any type of practice that would forcibly attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation against their will or things like that. So we will wait & see exactly what is being contemplated.“”

“That headline isn’t fair. @globalnews, you should rewrite it. I thought he was waffling on conversion therapy itself. If I can be fooled, so can other readers.”

“Incredible illustration here of what the Liberals are up to. People are yelling at John for not being convinced conversion therapy should be criminalized instead of at the government for not having criminalized it after four years in government.”

“1/Boy, what a hatchet job. To recap: 1) Libs do nothing in 4 years. They actually refuse to implement a ban on conversion therapy. 2) Right before the election they decide to “re-open” the issue (surprise!) by writing to provinces – still with no plan – and leaking the letter.”

“2/ 3) Scheer asked to respond, says he’ll wait to see the Liberal plan before commenting on it. 4) Article written implying Scheer supports conversion therapy.”


It is this kind of skewed coverage that is far more prevalent in Canada, and far more dangerous to our election than interference by the Russians.

I think we’ll see a lot more of it. Let’s keep our eyes open over the next three months.”

“He actually said he opposed it, but the Liberals are counting on people like you not to read past the headline.

The feds can ban it if they wish. They’ve declined to do that. They’ve even declined to raise it with the provinces until the election rolled around.”

“Ok @globalnews. Please reconcile Scheer’s quote with your headline.

It is misleading, and quite frankly unprofessional. This is exactly why people accuse the media of anti-Conservative bias. Do better. #cdnpoli #CPC  @rp_browne @davidakin”

“Are you really surprised Rachel?

After you twisted Scheer’s words and sunk them like a hatchet between his eyes, I’m not sure that he’ll have much incentive to ever talk to you again in the future.

#Cdnpoli @stephen_taylor @reicurran”

Stunningly, Global News failed to mention that the Liberals rejected a call for a conversion therapy ban all the way back in… March of this year.

So, the Liberals rejected the thing they now claim to support just a few months ago, and the uses that to attack the Conservatives?

Absolutely pathetic media bias.

This is a big reason why we’re starting to see the Liberals catching up to the Conservatives in recent polls. The far-left reporters and establishment media cronies are now doing the bidding of the Trudeau Liberals, engaging in what is basically total election manipulation and election interference.

That’s why we need to fight as hard as ever to push back against this bias and get the truth directly to the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

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