The Trudeau Government Said $1 BILLION In Corporate Welfare Created 56,000 Jobs. Turns Out, It Created Just 6,600

More of our taxpayer dollars given to the Liberal-connected corporate elites, while the government lies to our faces yet again.

The Trudeau government has been caught lying to Canadians once again.

Blacklocks Reporter has found that the number of “actual jobs created under a new billion-dollar Industry Canada corporate loan program are a fraction of federal claims.”

The government had claimed 56,000 jobs were created.

Turns out, it was just 6,600.

“Data from #cdnfoi show feds grossly inflated jobs claims under #StrategicInnovationFund giveaways. (link:… #cdnpoli
@ISED_CA @dani_keenan @NavdeepSBains #FakeNews”

As noted by Aaron Wudrick of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, that turns out to be a whopping $159,000 in taxpayer subsidies per job:

“Over $1 billion in corporate welfare since 2017 was supposed to “create” 56,000 jobs.

Turns out it only created 6,600 jobs. That’s a $159,000 taxpyaer subsidy per job.

Remember this the next time a politician tries to bamboozle you with “job creation” claims.”

Interestingly, the media hasn’t been asking government minister Navdeep Bains about his now obviously false claim.

And this latest lie comes from the same government that is trying to control social media under the pretext of fighting ‘disinformation,’ when it turns out they are the ones spreading the disinformation in the first place.

This is yet another disgraceful lie from the Trudeau Liberals, and shows why they can never be trusted with our tax dollars.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter