While The Trudeau Government Wipes Out Canada’s Coal Industry & Screws Canadians Over With A Carbon Tax, China’s Coal Production Has Hit A RECORD HIGH

Coal production in the ruthless Communist State is up 10.4% year-over-year.

China – already the world’s largest producer of coal – has increased their level of coal production to the highest in history.

On a year-over-year basis, China’s coal production is up 10.4%.

Since May, China’s coal production is up a whopping 6.7%.

China produced 333.35 million tons of coal in June, and in the first half of 2019 the Communist State has produced 1.76 billion tons of coal.

Hilariously, while China signed the Paris Climate Accord and claims to be ‘fighting climate change,’ Reuters reports that “China’s state planner and energy administration have asked miners, especially big producers in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, to step up production of high-quality coal to meet increasing demand.”

Of course, the Paris Accord lets China keep increasing emissions until 2030, while demanding draconian emission caps on Western Democracies, another reason the agreement should not be followed by our government.

Interestingly, the Trudeau Liberals haven’t even mentioned the massive continuing increase in emissions coming from China, perhaps because looking at the facts totally invalidates the idea of hitting Canadians with a carbon tax:

“Yeah but that carbon tax on Canadians will totally fix it though…”


So, while China gets to keep upping coal production, keep creating jobs, keep increasing emissions, Canadians in the coal industry are watching as the federal government wipes out the industry, and Canadian workers and families are being screwed over with a carbon tax that makes everything more expensive and makes the cost of living even worse.

We can expect that the Liberals will keep saying absolutely nothing about China’s surging coal production and emissions, and will instead rip more and more money out of our pockets.

Spencer Fernando


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