Premier Doug Ford Rips Trudeau, Says PM “Has Failed To Represent This Country”

“Where he has failed, we have a powerhouse team sitting at that table of premiers that are going to jump up and fill that gap,” says Ford.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford slammed Justin Trudeau on Twitter recently, in remarks that take on even more relevance considering that the US has imposed even more ‘Buy America’ restrictions that will impact Canada.

“Justin Trudeau has failed to represent this country, to represent the manufacturers of this nation and where he has failed, we have a powerhouse team sitting at that table of premiers that are going to jump up and fill that gap.”

Ford directly slammed Trudeau for failing to fight back against the US policy:

“Yesterday 550 workers in Thunder Bay and 90 more in Quebec lost their jobs because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed to stand up to the Buy America policy. (1/3)”

“I spoke directly with the President of Bombardier Rail who made it clear to me that Buy America is hurting their operations in Canada. (2/3)”

“The Federal Government has failed to protect manufacturing jobs from this harmful policy. They must get an exemption for Canadian companies under Buy America. (3/3)”

Since Ford’s Tweets, Trudeau has been criticized further, as the US is imposing new ‘Buy America’ restrictions, which are expected to hurt Canada’s steel industry and manufacturers:

“The new restrictions mean that any product designated as ‘Made in America’ must have 75% US components. Previously, that number was 50%.

Additional rules now require that any public contract must use 95% US Steel and US Iron.”

As I’ve said before, Justin Trudeau talks a big game about ‘standing up to the US,’ yet when the actual details of the deals are released, it turns out that he rolled over and got nothing of substance for our nation.

How is it that in the entire new NAFTA agreement, the Trudeau government didn’t manage to secure an exemption for Canada from ‘Buy America’ provisions?

It’s a disgraceful failure, and Ford is right to be calling it out.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Roger Shelswell

The USA along with almost every country in the world hate THE VILLAGE IDIOT.Nothing will change until he is gone in Oct.The sooner the better


Thank you again Doug Ford and Conservatives and all the other provinces that are standing up to this radical federal puppet anti Canada government, we must all unit and get them out of Canada, (Pres. Trump said it right recently, if you are against the USA your welcome to leave it). Since racist Trudeau has openly said ” colonial Canadians should be replaced” and something like “colonial Canadians are easily replaced and immigrants belong in Canada more” etc. never mind his anti energy to collapse us etc. Since we still are waiting on the RCMP and now CSIS to investigate… Read more »


I wonder if the Powerhouse Team would consider sending their own representative to meet with the appropriate Americans? Individual Provinces have their own representatives, so why not a Powerhouse Team rep? Ignore Trudeau altogether. He is useless anyway.

old white guy

Bombardier has been riding on taxpayer dollars for decades. One would have to question whether or not the wages they paid were in any way offset by the taxes paid.

William Jones

Like him or not, Ford does have a valid point — and I, for one, hopes Trudeau is decimated in the next election, regardless of the ‘skewing’ and ‘fixing’ that he does in the election. He must be held accountable for the turmoil he has foisted on Canadians — there is a penalty to pay for arrogance.

Beverley Campbell

I can certainly see why the large population of the US voted for Trump to be their President, I feel exactly as alienated as they must have felt, I hate having a weak leader, apparent to the world, I am longing for a strong, mouthy, peoples leader such as Doug Ford, behind whom we can muster the full force of the Canadian people. In the meantime I will gladly accept Andrew Scheer as my new leader. I absolutely feel that we can not do worse than the current head of government, no respect whatsoever. My perpetual comment, a border collie… Read more »