Trudeau’s Canada Infrastructure Bank Has Blacklist Of Reporters: Blacklock’s


Blacklock’s Reporter has found that the Canada Infrastructure Bank – which was created by the Trudeau government – has “compiled a blacklist of ‘negative reporters’ faulted for unflattering coverage of its work.”

Additionally, the Infrastructure Bank listed reporters who were positive and should be contacted again, obviously to have some puff pieces written.

“Crown corp. compiles actual #blacklist of “negative” reporters, by name. We always knew these existed. First time we’ve seen thru #cdnfoi. (link:… #cdnpoli @cib_en @LarryTill #cdnmedia”

As Blacklock’s pointed out on Twitter, this is quite an interesting contrast from how the Liberals said they would treat reporters:

“Excerpt from the Prime Minister’s mandate letter to Ministers responsible for departments and crown agencies. #cdnmedia @LarryTill”

Coming from a government that is attempting to silence diplomats, this is no surprise.

Still, it’s disturbing to see, and represents yet another broken promise by the Trudeau Liberals, and another example of how their words and their actions are totally disconnected.

You can read the full Blacklock’s Reporter story at this link (note, article is behind a paywall)

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The depths of liberal depravity are limitless.

Don Taylor

The Trudeau govt is the most corrupt Govt since Chretian another corrupt Govt ,they just happen to be Liberals

Big Priest'

Ummmm would there happen to be an unredacted listing somewhere that can be viewed?


Who are the ‘blacklisted’ reporters since I have no idea what it looks like or their names or is this Blacklock strictly restricted for reporters’ view only?
In other words, “Are you blacklisted Spencer?