Using Exact Same SNC-Lavalin Scandal Talking Points, Trudeau Says PMO Didn’t “Direct” Attempt To Muzzle Diplomats, Implicitly Accusing Two Former Ambassadors Of Lying

Either Trudeau is telling the truth, or the former ambassadors are. Hmm… who could it be?

With the Opposition demanding answers on reports that the Trudeau PMO tried to silence two Canadian diplomats from speaking about policy towards Communist China, Justin Trudeau was asked about it during a press conference.

His response?

“I can confirm that the PMO did not direct that to happen.”


“did not direct.”

The same wording Trudeau used as tried denying the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal:

“Trudeau’s hanging his hat on that word “direct” again! Shades of #LavScam. “‘I can confirm that the PMO did not direct that to happen’, Trudeau said.” Enough.”

“This is what Trudeau always does. Throw anyone and everyone under the bus to protect himself. Deny deny deny….and when caught say they all must have just experienced it differently…. Trudeau cannot be trusted to tell the truth. He has to go.”

The problem here for Trudeau is that, by claiming the PMO didn’t “direct” anyone to try and muzzle or control the diplomats, he is implicitly accusing two former Canadian ambassadors (David Mulroney & Guy Saint-Jacques) to China of lying.

After all, either Justin Trudeau is telling the truth (*cough* unlikely *cough*), or the diplomats are telling the truth – far more likely.

Yet, as MP Bergen said, Justin Trudeau will throw anyone under the bus if he thinks it will protect him. Trudeau thinks it’s never his fault, someone else is always to blame.

That’s the exact opposite of leadership.

Trudeau’s weakness, dishonesty, and outright contempt for Canadians is a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter