In Letter, Scheer Promises Stable Health & Social Funding

The Conservative Leader sent the letter to Canadian Premiers.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has sent a letter to all Canadian Premiers, promising that he will “maintain and increase” healthcare funding and social program funding.

The move comes as the Liberals try tying Scheer to the Ford Government in Ontario, raising the specter of spending cuts.

Scheer’s letter is thus a defensive move designed to insulate himself from those Liberal attacks.

You can read the letter below:

“I know how important stable federal funding is to ensure quality public health care and social programs. That’s why today I sent a letter to every Premier guaranteeing that, as Prime Minister, I will maintain and increase the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer.”

Scheer Letter

The Liberals will obviously ignore this and accuse Scheer of planning cuts anyway, because fear and smear is all that Trudeau has left at this point.

Still, Scheer will be able to credibly point to this letter and say with some justification that there is no evidence to accuse him of planning cuts.

Spencer Fernando

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Glen Aldridge

They’re Both Not Ready! Both want seats at The UN & Both keep pandering after Special Interest Groups for Votes. I’m voting for the ONLY Party working for ALL Canadians with Common Sense Policies – Peoples Party of Canada.


It is pretty bad when the lieberal only advertising with our tax paid mainstream media is spouting all these lies to bring down more honest politicians and too many Canadians do not know they are just seeing and hearing lieberal lies, or that the only FOR Canadian politicians have very little room to get the truth out, and can only be on the defensive by sending out a letter to defend themselves against these lefty/righty one world, post national communist state made up lies, so very non Canadian cheating before a fixed last election probably in Canada they hope. If… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Since WHEN have the conservatives become SOCIALISTS???!!! Scheer is proving himself to be Trudeau-lite and THAT does not bode well for Canada! It appears that the PPC are the ONLY party that will represent Canadians. Unfortunately, it appears that the voting will be split and Trudeau may well get back in again! IF that is the case, Canada is finished, the provinces WILL fragment and the western provinces WILL secede from confederation. Perhaps those provinces in the east, who have come to realize the folly of Trudeau vote, will also secede and Canada WILL BE NO MORE! That would be… Read more »


Because of Premier Ford’s Slashes to Healthcare, Autism and Education many People will NOT be Voting Conservative! Premier Ford is just Another Liar like Trudeau. He promised that there would be NO Job Losses in Education, and there are Now Many Job Losses. One “Former” Conservative and his many Former Conservative Friends are Getting Lawn Signs that will read, “Because of Premier Ford, Vote Any Party Except Conservative”. What a shame, that Ford, the Liar, did not tell Voters that he was going to Slash Healthcare and Education during his Electoral Campaign! He would have Lost! Now Andrew Scheer will… Read more »

old white guy

Just one more liberal promise from a so called conservative. Where ya goin to get money Andrew?