Now The UN Elites Are Telling Us To Eat Less Meat

Goalposts moved yet again.

As I regularly mention, the global elites continually use a ‘move-the-goalposts’ strategy to take more control over our lives.

They tell everyone that this ‘one thing’ is necessary to ‘save the planet.’

Then, once people start implementing ‘that one thing,’ there’s a new ‘thing’ that is necessary to ‘save the planet.’

Then, it shifts again. That ‘thing’ isn’t enough, so here’s the ‘new thing’ that’s necessary to ‘save the planet.’

And on and on it goes, as more of our democracy, freedom, and money is taken and transferred to global institutions controlled by the elites, and over which regular citizens have no influence or control.

Now, it’s happening again, and this time it’s the UN telling people what to eat.

Here’s part of an AP report:

“The cycle is accelerating,” said NASA climate scientist Cynthia Rosenzweig, a co-author of the report. “The threat of climate change affecting people’s food on their dinner table is increasing.”

But if people change the way they eat, grow food and manage forests, it could help save the planet from a far warmer future, scientists said.”

“If people change their diets, reducing red meat and increasing plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables and seeds, the world can save as much as another 15% of current emissions by mid-century. It would also make people more healthy, Rosenzweig said.”

“The science panel said they aren’t telling people what to eat because that’s a personal choice.”

Additionally, “Still, Hans-Otto Pörtner, a panel leader from Germany who said he lost weight and felt better after reducing his meat consumption, told a reporter that if she ate less ribs and more vegetables “that’s a good decision and you will help the planet reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Of course, the UN Panel only threw that line about not “telling people what to eat” as an attempt to pretend that’s not what they’re doing, even though that’s exactly what they’re doing.

That’s how the UN elites and the elites in Canada operate. First, a report is released with a ‘suggestion,’ then that suggestion becomes ‘necessary to save the world,’ then it turns into a ‘policy idea,’ then everyone who opposes that idea is branded a ‘denier’ and is demonized.

As I said on Twitter, even though none of this UN stuff really applies to Canada, we can expect Liberal politicians to try and use it here at home:

“Canada has a gigantic amount of land, and an immense abundance of food. Yet, expect Liberal politicians to read the latest BS UN ‘climate change’ report and demand ‘changes’ in Canada that screws over our meat industry and hurts taxpayers. Carbon tax 2.0…”

Spencer Fernando


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It’s simple: just identify as an obligate carnivore.

Alyn Starkman

I am all in favor of eating healthy. But that should not come from the UN.


So true Spencer, but let me add that when the Lieberals were making our new Canadian Food guide, with very little meat, Andrew Scheer said he would change it if he was elected and Andrew Scheer was totally put down in the bought out media for saying this, just like when he said he would not listen to these radical groups being given special laws by the lieberals, all Canadians are equal and all should follow the same laws, or when he said he would stop illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration and accept only the trained ones that would… Read more »

Cleroux, Jacqueline

Trouble is the fruits and vegetables that are sold to us might look good on the outside, nice & red, but on the inside THEY ARE NOT RIPE! vegetables from different parts of the world taste differently and do not please the palate. I believe we ate better when we grew our own food, processed our own meats, i.e., smoking of meats is not done correctly by big companies. We are still not provided absolute proof that climate change is happening because of humans on earth and those scientists that say it isn’t, are discredited. If a growing baby does… Read more »

old white guy

Climate change is always happening and has been doing so the entire billions of years that it has been in existence. Man cannot possibly change it and CO2 is not a pollutant or a greenhouse gas.


Jacqueline I totally agree with you we should grow our own food where possible,but see what is happening here in Richmond British Columbia which could be a bread basket.Certain people buy farms,and all they want to build big mansions and convert them to B&B to collect rent,a lot of these people with big pockets want to build rentals.Only some people want to be farmers,but they can not because they pushed the price so high.If we talk of other places like Surrey, Vancouver,Coquitlam etc where there was house and garden now they build duplexes triplexes and all with intent to collect… Read more »


Then there was 1984.Then there was a sheep farm,and the sheep were educated and they new all the new laws.They did whatever new law said,and there was a donkey who was old fashioned and he did things the old way.
The newsprint was one of the best thing invented to manipulate the sheep.

old white guy

There is one thing and only one thing we need to save the planet from and that is left wing communist morons and all brands of socialism. Close the UN and tear down the building.

Shawn Harris

Isn’t it really amazing and informative, that only now, because the UN says so, that eating meat is wrong and will lead to the demise of plane earth. Yet for centuries and even eons, people, the world over have been eating meat; yet the world has not ceased to exist. There exists an extremely large disconnect between the eating of meat and showing proof that doing so will destroy the world. One doesn’t support the other. Then again it is the same old trick used to gain control over people; create an extremely large sense of fear and doom and… Read more »

Ruth Bard

No, no, no. We need to eat MORE meat, especially beef. When you eat a cow, you stop it from farting, thus preventing the release of methane into the atmosphere (if you think that’s a problem, which it isn’t).