WATCH: Increasing Clashes In Hong Kong As Protesters Fight For Freedom

China is massing troops at the border.

As Communist China amasses troops at the border, increasingly aggressive clashes have erupted between Hong Kong freedom protesters and police.

Flights were cancelled for a second day in a row, as protesters pushed back against efforts by China’s Communist State to betray the ‘one-country, two-systems’ approach that is supposed to remain in place for decades.

In recent years, the government of Communist China has been chipping away at Hong Kong’s democracy, and their recent move to impose an extradition law that would put Hong Konger’s at the mercy of China’s Communist-controlled ‘justice system’ was the last straw, triggering mass unrest.

You can watch videos of the latest clashes in the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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David Henley

So why is it we hear of China but the rest of Europe has been forgotten. Is it that there is a media black out with this election coming up. Is it they have gone under and no longer have a country. Is it because they are being silenced. Europe no longer doing anything. Why are no reports coming from Europe where so many Canadians are from. Media can’t tell us because it would upset Canadians.