#TrudeauMustResign Is Trending On Twitter

Canadians express their outrage towards Trudeau following yet another violation of ethics laws.

The Canadian People are expressing their outrage with Justin Trudeau’s corrupt government, following a report by the Ethics Commissioner revealing that Trudeau broke federal ethics laws by trying to force Jody Wilson-Raybould to give SNC-Lavalin a sweetheart deferred prosecution deal.

Trudeau had repeatedly said that the story was false, then said there was no improper pressure, and then said he was ‘working with the Ethics Commissioner.’

Now, it turns out everything he said to Canadian for months and months was a total lie.

With Trudeau’s massive deception and compulsive lying now revealed beyond doubt, Canadians are expressing justified anger, leading to the hashtag #TrudeauMustResign to trend on Twitter in Canada.

#TrudeauMustGo Trending

Clearly, many Canadians have had enough of this dishonest, deceptive, and manipulative government.

Trudeau’s credibility is shattered, and nothing he says can ever be believed.

Spencer Fernando

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How Trudeau still remains PM and others in his cabinet is disgraceful Canada needs to Vote this Corrupt Government out since we can’t get them out now.

David Bastable

Trudeau should not resign. He should stay and face the music in the next election, however, he may not be able handle such a scenario

Gerri Page

There’s enough fools out there who would re-elect him if he stays.


The icing on this cake would be confirmation that the RCMP are conducting a criminal investigation (as they should be), about a month from now.

The cherry would be announcement of charges.

I am willing to bet that Turdo will NOT resign. My goodness, if he did how could he save face in Quebec????

Major Tom

Resign…….criminal charges…….conviction……..prison……outstanding!

Brian Mellor

Trudeau lies as much as trump. He must resign.

Margaret Smith

Trudeau would never resign. It is unfathomable to me why so many Canadians support him. The Atlantic provinces and yes even Ontario believe he is the best man for the job. Seems to some that the man can do no wrong . If people want to watch the Liberal gov’t continue to throw Canadians under the bus then by all means vote him in again.


Other Liberal candidates must surely realize this arrogance and corruption also reflect on them. Their silence indicates their approval and support. The Liberal Party is more than just Trudeau, it is supposed to be for all Canadians. Politicians of all beliefs are elected to work for this country, not at and for the pleasure of one arrogant person.

Elizabeth Thorne

I watched him saying he takes full responsibility and there over his left shoulder was another smirking Liberal, Chris Biddell, the MP who called CANADIANS who were protesting in front of his office, “white supremacists “ because they do not want ISIS fighters returning to Canada He said if the protesters intent was to intimidate or shame me in some way, it’s done the opposite, I will continue to be a voice against hatred in our community . The Prime Minister says and I truly believe “We are strong”. They just forgot, government is of, for and by the people.… Read more »


They don’t forget, Elizabeth, they simply ignore.

Vincent Dsouza

Trudeau is a bully and a liar. He must resign immediately