WATCH: Conservatives Slam ‘Complicit’ Liberal MPs For Blocking Ethics Commissioner Testimony

Liberal MPs “complicit in Trudeau’s political interference” say Conservatives.

The Conservatives are slamming the Liberals, after Liberal MPs on the Justice Committee used their majority to block the Ethics Commissioner from testifying about his Trudeau Report.

Lisa Raitt & Peter Kent spoke the press following the move by the Libs to block the testimony.

“Today, Liberal Members of Parliament on the Ethics Committee had an opportunity to do the right thing and shine a light on the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal. Instead, they used their majority to cover up the truth and are now complicit in Trudeau’s political interference in SNC’s criminal prosecution.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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old white guy

Liberals proving once again that I am right, ethics are situational. They are immoral liars and need to be removed from office.

Margaret Smith

This should never be allowed to happen. Do these Liberal MP’s think we are all dense . Oh wait, of course they do because it is obvious even after it was announced that Trudeau had interfered and it was proven to be so the Ethics Commissioner is forbidden to testify. I am literally bewildered that this PM’s popularity has not wavered in some provinces. After this fiasco I have to wonder what else has been covered up. I believe we are in for a rough road ahead. Really, I am shocked that people still want to support a man who… Read more »

Shawn Harris

No surprise here. It’s just like Trudeau would do in parliament when asked a question, he would give some nonsensical answer or totaly refuse to answer by either giving a answer not relevant to the question or blame it on Harper. So the Ethics Committee does as they see their dear leader do. For Trudeau to honour Canadians and actually show he knows what morals and values are, honesty, truthfulness, integrity, openness and transparency; would be confessing to the truth that he is a guilty liar, willing to say anything to massage his massive ego and fake virtuous persona. The… Read more »