SURVEY: More Canadians Say They Will “Definitely NOT” Vote Liberal

A larger number of Canadians rule out voting Liberal than compared to the other parties.

A new survey shows the Liberals have the largest number of Canadians who say they won’t even consider voting for them, a significant obstacle for the incumbents as the election nears.

According to Angus Reid, 50% of Canadians say are “definitely NOT voting Liberal.”

By comparison, 44% say the same about the Conservatives, while 47% say the same about the NDP. 45% say the same about the Greens.

As I reported earlier, the same poll also shows the Conservatives with the strongest core support. 25% say they will definitely vote Conservative, compared to 13% who say they will definitely vote Liberal.

What this survey shows is that, despite efforts by the Liberals and the establishment press to make the Conservatives seem controversial, the reality is that the Liberals are the most controversial and divisive political force in the country, with half of Canadians not even willing to consider a vote for them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Choose forward with the bus riding pm (not my pm. ever).
Is he heading down to the detail shop to pick up his Benz?


There is still way too much leftie support, I cannot believe it.


What matters is that people don’t vote NDP or Green in “protest”. That will only help create a socialist coalition.


Liberal, NDP and Green are all Socialist Parties. If they Create a Coalition, without a Majority Conservative or a Majority PPC Government, we will become “Venezuela North”. God help us! We need a Majority Conservative or a Majority PPC Government. The PPC Party is just a Very Young Party and I don’t Anticipate a PPC Majority this Election. But if the Conservatives do NOT Listen to Canadians and pull the same Corrupt Antics as the Dictatorial, Corrupt Liberals, the PPC’s will Most Definitely Triumph as the next Canadian Government in 2023.


my thoughts exactly.


Justin trudeau is the clean cut white guy who represents canada in every cover magazine luring many to come to canada. But. What’s between the pages is kept clean unsaid by reporters protecting Trudeau’s image. It is when immigrants arrive they are shocked. That the country they fled from is smack dam facing them right here.
Canada has changed, never to be the same again. The once christian country of canada most immigrants came too, no longer exists. We are at our own peril.