SURVEY: More Canadians Say They Will “Definitely NOT” Vote Liberal

A larger number of Canadians rule out voting Liberal than compared to the other parties.

A new survey shows the Liberals have the largest number of Canadians who say they won’t even consider voting for them, a significant obstacle for the incumbents as the election nears.

According to Angus Reid, 50% of Canadians say are “definitely NOT voting Liberal.”

By comparison, 44% say the same about the Conservatives, while 47% say the same about the NDP. 45% say the same about the Greens.

As I reported earlier, the same poll also shows the Conservatives with the strongest core support. 25% say they will definitely vote Conservative, compared to 13% who say they will definitely vote Liberal.

What this survey shows is that, despite efforts by the Liberals and the establishment press to make the Conservatives seem controversial, the reality is that the Liberals are the most controversial and divisive political force in the country, with half of Canadians not even willing to consider a vote for them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube