VIDEO: After Being Asked To Keep Promise To Grassy Narrows, Trudeau Says “Thanks For Being Here,” Walks Away

More arrogance on display from the PM.

Justin Trudeau is being slammed for his dismissive response to protesters seeking answers on Grassy Narrows.

Leaving an event, Trudeau was asked “will you keep your promise to Grass Narrows?”

His response?

“Thanks for being here.”

Trudeau’s remarks were similar to his arrogantly dismissive response at a Liberal fundraising event when he was asked about mercury contamination, in which he replied by saying “thanks for your donation.”

You can watch the video below:

“Grassy Narrows supporter asks @JustinTrudeau: Will you keep your promise to Grassy Narrows?

Response: Thanks for being here?”

Once again Trudeau shows that – outside of highly choreographed and scripted events – he fails to show compassion for Canadians and need, and exhibits an elitist arrogance that has caused many Canadians to turn against him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Just when one thinks that joke of a pm could not get any more disgusting.


He’s acting like he knows he’s cooked.


And yet some people still want to vote for these lefty environmental terrorists, claiming to help and care for Canada’s environment by removing heat from our homes and not being able to drive etc, all not-affordable for us (that is just for them, the lefty robbing rich, and we common Canadians can pay for them and their fancy ways of undeserved but not clean living environmental lives) Most likely this pollution left to poison these NOT protected Canadians was left there by someone who had enough money to buy this mercury poison and permits, left it there near the water… Read more »


Everyone has to realize that Trudeau doesn’t give a damn about Canada or us only the power. Intelligent people please do not re-elect him. We are living on borrowed money and he will continue to borrow more but not for us. Think of your children and future generations who will suffer because of him as our rights are already being stripped way and illegals/terrorists continue to come at our expense while we do without.


He’s above the law. No law can bring him down now, since they partook to this day keepin him free from being exposed to breaking the the law.
In this case, the aboriginal chosed him even when he lies and mistreats them.
Where is the famous ‘ idle no more’ rally. They were so hot under the collar when PMSH was in gov. Where are they now?

William Jones

EVERY Canadian should turn against him. He lies, he cheats, he deceives, he ignores, he opens Canada to a myriad of problems with his policies, he insults those Canadians who came here, assimilated and made Canada great, he despises those Canadians who gave their lives so he could live well and safe, he despises ‘old stock white Canadians,’ he ignores the agonies of the families that his policies have devastated, he lies to and insults our First Nations citizens, he gives our money to our sworn enemies, he syphons our money into various ventures of no value to Canadians and… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Yet here is another perfect example of how much you can trust the words and actions of Trudeau. He declared that first nations and indigenous peoples were his top priority and that he wanted to reconcile with them. Trudeau is very good at alot of things, but they are usually all the wrong things, being contemptuous of Canadians, showing arrogance instead of humbleness, lying to people instead of accepting responsibility and asking for forgiveness, displaying a complete disconnect from the public on issues that matter to them, like here with Grassy Narrows. And Trudeau still conducts himself as though he… Read more »