VIDEO: After Being Asked To Keep Promise To Grassy Narrows, Trudeau Says “Thanks For Being Here,” Walks Away

More arrogance on display from the PM.

Justin Trudeau is being slammed for his dismissive response to protesters seeking answers on Grassy Narrows.

Leaving an event, Trudeau was asked “will you keep your promise to Grass Narrows?”

His response?

“Thanks for being here.”

Trudeau’s remarks were similar to his arrogantly dismissive response at a Liberal fundraising event when he was asked about mercury contamination, in which he replied by saying “thanks for your donation.”

You can watch the video below:

“Grassy Narrows supporter asks @JustinTrudeau: Will you keep your promise to Grassy Narrows?

Response: Thanks for being here?”

Once again Trudeau shows that – outside of highly choreographed and scripted events – he fails to show compassion for Canadians and need, and exhibits an elitist arrogance that has caused many Canadians to turn against him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter