DISTURBING: Video Of Trudeau Giving Poutine To Laughing Reporter & Saying “The Liberal Party Always Supports The CBC” Has Been Taken Down

Who requested removal, and why?

A deeply disturbing incident has changed the conversation from media bias, to outright election interference by the establishment press.

Earlier, @CanadaBuster shared a video, showing a CBC reporter fawning over attention from Justin Trudeau, accepting poutine fries with a hearty laugh. It was notable because the CBC reporter – David Cochrane – had previously been defending Justin Trudeau’s indefensible avoidance of the reporters questions and scrutiny.

The video spread rapidly, showing in clear picture how fawning much of the media is over Trudeau – a huge contrast to their brutal coverage of the Conservatives.

But then, the Twitter account – which is often anti-Trudeau – where it was spread was the subject of a ‘copyright’ removal. It was seemingly removed everywhere except Global News.



Just as I was writing this, literally at this exact moment, a new version of the video has been released. Who knows how much longer it will be up, but check it out and share it before it’s too late!

This is all incredibly disturbing. Videos like that are almost never taken down, and the fact that seemingly the only one ever taken down is one that makes Trudeau and the media look bad shows an immense amount of collusion and even corruption in the establishment press.

As I said on Twitter, while there may be ‘foreign election interference,’ there’s also tons of domestic interference:

“Scheer and the Conservatives are enduring endless negative media coverage, then a video showing reporter fawning over attention from Trudeau gets taken down as if it never happened. Forget foreign election interference, the establishment press is interfering on a massive scale.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Banana republic due to lib corruption. Who can still support that obvious corruption?


One would be hard pressed to find anything more blatant than that video.

Lynne Mayotte

Canada and Canadians need the PPC with Maxime Bernier at the helm.


A waste of a vote. It will actually keep Trudeau in power. I implore you to look at the big picture and keep your eye on the prize of removing Trudeau from office.


Fawning Media are deliberately ignoring the criminal investigation that Trudeau seems to have stopped. The terrifying power of a dictator.


Vote Liberal. Then Canada can become Venuzuela’s sick cousin.


I wonder how CBC will twist this into a pro Justin story?
More billions taken from our pocket to rig this election. I am so sad for Canada.