NEW POLL: Conservatives Maintain Lead Over Liberals

Liberal support drops slightly in new Nanos tracking poll, but no big change yet following Trudeau’s blackface scandal.

The latest Nanos tracking poll, which is a compilation of the last 3 days of nightly polling, shows the Conservatives maintaining a lead over the Liberals.

2 out of 3 of the nightly tracking numbers were compiled since the emergence of Trudeau’s blackface scandal, though only one was taken since it emerged that there was an additional photo and video of Trudeau donning blackface.

In the last two days, the Liberals have seen a small drop in support, from 35% on Wednesday, to 34.2% today. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have dropped from 37.8%, to 37.4%.

The NDP are at 12.8%, and the Greens are 9.3%. The Bloc is at 3.5%, while the PPC is at 2.4%

Thus, the Conservatives are still maintaining a small lead over the Liberals, but there has been no significant drop – at least in the Nanos poll – for the Liberals since the emergence of the latest scandal.

Another night of tracking will be necessary to get the full picture of what impact the Trudeau blackface scandal has had on the national numbers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube